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I do some simple crafts, as, I can. I’m handicapped. When I can create, I do! I used to work and ride, show and train horses but, I'm now on permanent medical leave (NOT horse related!) so, now I CREATE jewelry and stuff!

Now we have other wares for your consideration!  These are a miscellaneous lot of items that are collectable, rare, neat or duplicates of stuff we already have.  Some are estate items.  All are offered at great rates, fast shipping and great service!  Returns are usually money back, if you are unhappy.  We will combine your items into, as few as possible, FREE SHIPPING packages as we can!

 My husband and I take a lot of pride and responsibility in packaging stuff nicely and quickly. We generate labels and postage off the computer so we can ship as soon as payment is received or the next day. We leave a note on our postbox and the postal folks pick up!!

Our GoldenDoodle, Tess, assists me (Sue) by making sure I don't sit too long and she's also been trained to detect if I have high or low blood sugar by alerting me, making me get up and go test my blood sugar!

Please let us know if you feel something is not right with your purchase ( ), we will do our best to fix it!

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Please let us know if you are unhappy with anything. We will do our best to fix. msryz@cox.net