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Horse Racing TEN RACING TALES Bernard Charnley 1993

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Published by Thoroughbred Press 1993

Paperback, 176 pages - Excellent condition.

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Horse racing attracts all kinds of of characters, some good, some bad, some rich and some who think that racing might make them rich but will finish up poorer for their experience. These ten stories, which are pure fiction, tell of things that can happen to people who are involved in racing. They tell of trainers who struggle to keep going, of men and women who find the game irresistable, of how gambling can take people to the brink and of well planned coups that can make people very rich provided they come off. The stories also tell of why trainers, with all their problems, and stable lads and girls, who work long hours for little return, stay in racing. It is because they love horses, the outdoor life and the companionship which is unique to the Sport of Kings.

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