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Boone's Lick - Book By Lewis B. Miller
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Boone's Lick - Book By Lewis B. Miller
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Boone's Lick - Book By Lewis B. Miller
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Boone's Lick - Book By Lewis B. Miller

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Boone's Lick - Book By Lewis B. Miller

Rollin Adair and Uncle Jabe, both North Carolina Mountaineers, decide to go in partnership on an expedition to Boone’s Lick in Upper Louisiana, now Mississippi. They begin the journey in a dugout canoe, drift down the Tennessee, to the Ohio, and then on to the Mississippi River. Here they paddle upstream to the mouth of the Missouri, and on a few hundred miles till they reached their destination - Boone’s Lick. They met many people also headed for Boone’s Lick, including a widower and his fourteen year old daughter, Rosalie Tucker, who had paddled their way in a dugout canoe from the New York-Canadian line. As they travel together, Rollin Adair grows to respect and admire Rosalie, and after they settle in Boone’s Lick they become fast friends. This story is rich in American History. Rollin meets people like Daniel Boone at age 78, Governor Clark, a subject of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and other noted officials. It is well balanced with pioneer life, and a strong touch of romance, which grows even stronger in its sequel, Cooper’s Fort.

About the Author:

Among the least known but better authors of tales of adventure in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century era was Texan Lewis B. Miller, whose stories appeared in serial form in a weekly farm paper, The National Stockman and Farmer, and a regional edition of the publication, The Pennsylvania Stockman and Farmer. Lewis B. Miller was born at Blocker Creek, Cooke County, Texas, on May 27, 1861. His father’s name was Henry Miller and his mother Lurilla Osburn Miller. He received his early education in frontier schools in Texas. In 1881 he obtained an A.B. degree at Texas Christian University. He moved to Marlin, Texas, in 1931, apparently to live with relatives, and died there on July 26, 1933. He was buried at Hico, Texas, which is about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth. Lewis B. Miller was an excellent writer with a good education, and his stories were very accurate from a geographical and historical standpoint. He wrote adult, young adult tales of adventure, dealings with frontier life, cattle driving. His base writing is about the southwest frontier pushing civilization into the wild west, French and Spanish territories or into the Indian’s hunting grounds. Besides frontier life, his novels cover a wide field of subjects, such as: homesteading, trapping, hunting, fur trading, logging, rafting, gold-seeking, Indian life and about all that confronted frontier life which most Americans have forgotten and many have never known. Many early American statesmen and patriotic pioneers appear in his stories, who are authentic. The frontier stories involved confrontation with the Indians and the hard life of the pioneers. Due to the fact that Miller’s stories appeared originally only in a farm weekly, they did not receive a wide circulation and thus remained unknown to much of the reading public. This neglect has been partially corrected by a small church foundation press in Pennsylvania. They have published a number of soft cover reprints of his work and more are pending. For those who collect adventure books for the pleasure of reading, there can be no better investment than in Lewis B. Miller tales.

By Robert E. Walters

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