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2 Classic War Films on DVD Heroes of Telemark, A Matter of Life & Death

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Two great war films on a DVD

A Matter of Life and Death
David Niven, Roger Livesey, Raymond Massey, Kim Hunter, Marius Goring.

Nightime, 2nd May 1945 - a crippled Lancaster Bomber struggles home across the English Channel.
All the crew are dead except for the young pilot desperately scanning the radio waves for signs of life.
His prayers are answered ....

The Heroes of Telemark
Starring Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris, Michael Redgrave

German occupied Norway 1942.
Physics professor Kirk Douglas and underground leader (Harris) must convince British Intelligence that the enemy are planning to build the A-Bomb. The Allies decide to send in a task force to destroy it.
 Running Time:  225 Mins 
Aspect Ratio:  4;3 & 16;9
Rated: U
Region 2 

This DVD has never been played, a Mail promo, and comes in a cardboard sleeve

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GenreWar & Westerns

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