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Thread: How to decline PayPal payment?

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    Default How to decline PayPal payment?

    Hi all,

    Situation: "payment options" in my listing state cheque/PO only. Postage details in item description states cheque or crossed PO only.

    A person used Buy Now on an item, then _afterwards_ sent a question via AAL asking to pay with PayPal. I replied via AAL politely saying no. I sent my usual invoice with payment details. I sent her a further email explaining my payment options. No reply to any.

    Then, with no warning she sent me money via Paypal. My mail addy isn't attached to a Paypal account so it told me to sign up to accept it. I don't want to accept it or sign up. I want to reject it, I don't want to have to open a Paypal account just so I can refuse her payment.

    Contacted PayPal but they're slow responding, haven't heard anything. Does anyone here have any advice? Can I send the money back to her (without opening a paypal account)? How do I decline or cancel it?

    Any advice greatfully recieved,

    After a long, long time, I'm baaaaaack!! My stuff: Look at it, it's fantastic.

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    As far as I know the SENDER will be able to cancel the transaction by pulling up their PayPal HISTORY, selecting that transaction and choosing CANCEL.

    If they do not do that, the money will probably just sit, unclaimed, until PayPal cancel it automatically after - I think - 30 days or so.

    AFAIK, YOU can't do didly squat.

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    Thanks Damian,

    That's what I wanted to know - what action I could take to send the payment back to her. Nothing. Fantastical

    I contacted ebid too, they of course replied with speed and were very helpful, unfortunatley they can't speak on behalf of paypal.. who don't seem to be able to speak at all.

    I suppose now all I can do is hope she will eventually reply to one of my emails


    After a long, long time, I'm baaaaaack!! My stuff: Look at it, it's fantastic.

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    Hi D

    I would phone PayPal, they are really helpful - you'll be surprised. They money will bounce back to the sender but I think its as Damian said around 30 days.

    I know that if you create a account (you do not have to use it) you can reject the payment. Personally I would not do this, but its a option.

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    I'm sure you must have a good reason for not wanting to use Paypal, but in my experience you will sell more if you do. Just a thought. Also as said above the payer will have to cancel from their end, so just send her an e.mail stating that you do not wish to accept via paypal, would be best to give her a good reason why too, a happy customer will spread the word and come back for more while an unhappy one will ... well ... slag you from a pig to a cow!..lol
    As for offering or not offering paypal on your auctions, there is an option when you fill out the listing that you can tick/untick to show it as an option. If your dead against it, I would just add a good sized bit of text to all your auctions stating you dont accept it, at least people then know whats goings on. Who you manage to get it sorted without too much fuss

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    Thanks Hip Chick - didn't think to phone paypal, and yeah, I don't want to have to open an account _just_ to decline a payment!

    To littleme1969 - I don't know, maybe its just my interpretation, but it sounds (as much as anything can 'sound' on the internet) as if you think I'm being catty by not accepting Paypal from this person. That's not the case, this was just an academic question as to what action I could take, not having been presented with the situation before - Damian got to the heart of it. Also, yes, I already have my defaults set to accepting cheques/PO's only (and not paypal) re payment option tick boxes. Thank you for your input too, it's all appreciated

    (If anyone is bored enough to read on.. .. if not, just skip this bit.)

    I do have reasons for not accepting Paypal, the same reasons I no longer sell on the 'other' auction site - the cost. A few years ago, quite established as a seller on the 'other' side, I didn't accept Paypal then either, it didn't prevent me from running it as a profession, so to speak.
    Then that's the story of how I came to join ebid in 2004, having my daughter, I decided to give it up as a business. The 'other' auction site takes too high a percentage from sales for it to be worth while, paypal costs on top of that... dot, dot, dot. I do this to sell off things I don't need/want anymore, my main focus is my daughter now. I don't think not accepting Paypal has ever seriously affected my sales, and I've always found it easier to just explicitly state what I _do_ accept on listings, rather than listing the payment options I won't take, it has left people open to scanning the page and misreading that I _do_ accept other payments in the past (on the 'other' side), leading to more confusion.
    In this instance it was simply academic as to what action I could take re Paypal, because their responce time is so slow, not with regards to the buyer. She and I are geting along just fine, with a little patience and explination

    After a long, long time, I'm baaaaaack!! My stuff: Look at it, it's fantastic.

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