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Thread: Watch List Counter

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    Default Re: Watch List Counter

    Quote Originally Posted by FBNeNotes View Post
    And.. 15 Years later LOL !!
    And your point is...?

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    Default Re: Watch List Counter

    15 years ago nothing sold except during YDC. I only joined because I could see that the dark side would start to exploit their monopoly position.

    The site is much enhanced since then. Counterfeit items are gone, dump & run sellers have been removed, I can use more pictures... and, most importantly... I sell stuff!

    Five shops raising funds for Cats Protection & Prospect Hospice - all sorts of stuff
    Vintage & Modern Postcards
    BK Stamps for my Philatelic listings
    and Yarnalong for craft patterns and some materials
    not to mention
    Lotzabitz -anything that doesn't belong in one of the other shops.

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