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Thread: SMEARING horses in PAINT - Change.org petition

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    Default SMEARING horses in PAINT - Change.org petition

    Pony painting parties are a disturbing trend popping up all over the UK. Imagine being tied up amidst shrieking laughter, unpredictable touching and having strangers smear your hair in paint.
    Would you trade places?

    Change.org petition to get these parties banned.

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    Default Re: SMEARING horses in PAINT - Change.org petition

    What this horse is telling me: I am past my prime and have developed a painful condition called swayback. I can no longer carry riders on trails or across the pastures. I love being painted by these children because I miss the rubdowns, combings and baths I used to get after a ride. If I were just turned out to a pasture to live out the rest of my days, I would miss my humans - their touching, their rubbing, their laughter and even their scent. (Note: the body language of this horse indicates he is very relaxed and interested in what is going on around him)

    Would I trade places? You bet! Horses like humans can become very depressed when they no longer feel useful. Other than his sway back, he appears to be in very good health and will live a lot longer with all the attention than he would if he were put out to pasture. And, supposing the owners are "responsible" folks, he will get a bath and another rub down when he gets home.

    Just my 2 cents from being around horses all my life.

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