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Thread: My eBid > My All-About-Me not showing stores

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    Default My eBid > My All-About-Me not showing stores

    If I click on "My Ebid" and then the link on the left-hand side "My All-About-Me" under "My Options" it does not show my stores, just a page to edit my details, If I want to check each store I have to actually search for my user name and a user profile page titled "All-About-Me" appears showing my stores.
    I am sure in the past this was available on the control panel or am I missing something.

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    Default Re: My eBid > My All-About-Me not showing stores

    You can get to your all about me page by going to your user name on the top left hand corner of your My eBid page it will give you a quick link drop down list and there you can pick 'My all-about-me (live) which will show your stores. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: My eBid > My All-About-Me not showing stores

    Hi there,
    When you go to your 'My eBid' page, you will see a grey area right at the top. You need to click on ' View your live All-About-Me page.'
    This should then show all your stores
    Hope this helps!

    Oops, looks like the sarge beat me to it .....
    makes note to myself ... learn how to type with two fingers instead of one!
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    Default Re: My eBid > My All-About-Me not showing stores

    Thanks for the replies, I obviously havn't let my curser wander about on that part of the page, thinking that the menus on the left was all there is, lol

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