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In my opinion, a sale is made when it is paid for. Up to that point it is a commitment to buy/pay for an item (like going to a physical shop and sticking a loaf of bread in a basket, where you can change your mind before finally commiting to paying).

At no point did I say I want one sent out to the buyer. I asked for it to be created and registered on the "sellers" page. In other words for the little "I" to turn green instead of staying red, thus letting the seller print an Invoice if they need to.

I do not want an invoice to be created automatically either before or after payment. I do not want the little "I" to turn to green if I have not created an invoice. To my way of thinking, an invoice is produced before payment not after.

Your analogy of a loaf of bread in a shop is not really valid. By clicking on Buy Now a buyer commits to purchasing the item: by putting a loaf of bread in a shopping basket no commitment to buy has been made.