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Thread: Ebid to beat eBay campaign. Join us...

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    Default Ebid to beat eBay campaign. Join us...

    eBay recently announced in there summer newsletter that they are increasing fees a massive 40-50% for any seller who has 1 to 3 returns per 100 depending on category.

    Well I dont know about you but we think this is a disgusting way to treat decent sellers as even top rated sellers will be effected.

    Well every cloud has a silver lining, it's Time to join the ebid movement. All you have to is post something each day on social media, on your website, Facebook Twitter or anything that gets the word out advertising why ebid is the best auction site, you choose what you write.

    If everyone pulls together and does there bit we can make a difference and make ebid a real alternative.

    Join the movement, share post repeat!

    With our help, ebid, can rock!!

    Comment on this post if you want to be part of the campaign, let's show our support for one another, stick together and together we can win!!! 👌

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    Default Re: Ebid to beat eBay campaign. Join us...

    The increase also applies to sellers who have a "Very High" level of SNAD cases. The metric is not one I've seen before as we are to be measured against "Our Peers" in the same category. TOS will decide which sub-cats. will make up the peer-group and who ones peers are within the group. They will calculate the average for the group and whether or not each seller is above or below it. As all these are impossible to check there will be ample room for "Massaging".

    IMO it's just another fee increase disguised (Again) as improving the buyers experience.
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    Default Re: Ebid to beat eBay campaign. Join us...

    Maybe they'll also start applying fees to those buyers who repeatedly fail to read descriptions. And even ones who want to cancel because they think "local collection only" means "free postage". Grrr, yes, had one of those recently.
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