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Thread: Carbon monoxide alarm warning.

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    Default Carbon monoxide alarm warning.

    Just got this warning through about faulty carbon monoxide alarms being sold on the net. Please check that you haven't purchased one.

    ​Thankfully we don't seem to have them on eBid but keep an eye out Gazza & Mark that they don't start showing up here if they are being kicked off the bigger sites !

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    Default Re: Carbon monoxide alarm warning.

    Thank you so very much for this post!! My 'phone has been red hot ever since as I've blasted an agency, a "specialist" installer and so on!

    To clarify: The illustration was disturbingly familiar - I have two of these things and this is how it came about:

    The house I live in has a "granny flat" annexed, a self-contained unit which is fine for one person and has its own kitchen, etc. I let this out through an agency, to save myself problems. About two years ago they told me I needed to set up CO protection in the flat. I could do that myself, or they had a specialist fitter who could do it for me.

    I decided I did not want to do the research, so employed their fitter. While he was here I asked him about my own house. We did a deal and he did the flat and my house for 50.

    I am sure you can see where this is going.....! Having followed your message to source, I decided to check the fire service : https://www.fireservice.co.uk/ . This, in turn links to the only uk seller approved by them. I found that the device you mention is not on their site - what a surprise!!

    It turns out that CO detectors must not be fitted to the ceiling! Guess where mine are? They can sell me 3 approved "Fire Angels" for less than 42 (apparently I need two in my house).

    So now you know why your message made the air around here incandescent! (I should say that the original pair do the "test" ok and tell me when batteries need changing! So...they turn on, use up the batteries in about a year and then turn off! Great!! Just what I need!)

    I blasted the agency about "duty of care" (yes...it was the owner I spoke to) and later I had a 'phone call from the "specialist" complaining that I had cost him his contract...tough.

    Thank you again Becky. It's back to the old adage :"If you want a job doing properly...!"

    You might well be a life-saver, quite literally!!!

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    Default Re: Carbon monoxide alarm warning.

    So very pleased I could help with getting the faulty items out of your home. I hope trading standards can prosecute the people that imported and distributed these things, it's people's lives we are talking about here !

    I purchased my own alarm on the net, thankfully not one of the faulty ones but it could easily have been one so I wanted to spread the word.

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    Default Re: Carbon monoxide alarm warning.

    Mine have just died I think I will get two off British gas, will they be safe ?

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    Default Re: Carbon monoxide alarm warning.

    From the description (7 year warranty includng batteries) they'll be ok. They will be of the sealed for life type, including the batteries. They charge 30 each for them. They would appear to be the same type sold by safelincs (fire service recommended) at about 18 each. Somebody on that site commented on the price difference.

    British Gas do not say on their web site which ones they are selling so it is difficult to tell exactly what is what and they do not give a full specification either.

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    Default Re: Carbon monoxide alarm warning.

    I purchased a British Gas carbon monoxide alarm 12 months ago. This one as shown on the BG site
    Gill (pronounced Jill) "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" William Morris 1834 - 1896

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    Default Re: Carbon monoxide alarm warning.

    Thanks Gill! Failed to find from links on the BG page I was on.

    This looks remarkably like a "re-badge" of the Fire Angel CO-9x which retails at about 18.

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