I have to say I'm pretty impressed by what I've seen so far on eBid. It just makes sense there has to be more than just ONE auction site to go to.

We are a Brick n Mortar store in SpringHill/Brooksville Florida, and we not only sell Apple Computers of all makes and models, but we upgrade, repair, and service everything from 2006 Mac Mini Core Solos to 2017 Macbook Pros with Touch Bar!

We don't work on PCs, not because we don't like them, just because we specialize in Macs, so we know the little things that you may not get by taking your Mac to a PC shop.

Did you know you can add USB 3.0 to a Cheese Grader Mac Pro? Did you know if you have a 2010 or 11 Mac Pro you can turn it into a 12 core super Mac for under 600 dollars?

Did you know your old Core Solo Mac Mini or Core Duo, is not worthless after all? Get it off the shelf and email us! It can easily be turned into a core2duo 2.33Ghz screamer with solid state drive and Mac OS X Lion, which IS a 64bit OS and DOES have iCloud!

But no Mac can take advantage of a Solid state drive like an iMac can. The difference between a platter drive and a Solid State is something else, hard to believe unless you see it!

Contact us, well send you a link to a video. (didn't know if it was ok to post that in here).

We only have two auctions up so far, but we are adding them every day now!

Talk to ya soon!!