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Thread: How Ebid looks in the Google search results

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    Default How Ebid looks in the Google search results

    When I go to the Ebid website, I normally do a Google search for it. Each time I do, at the top of the Google search results, underneath the main website and Ebid Wikipedia links, there is a link to a page on Moneysavingexpert.com which is titled "Ebid.co.uk THE WORST OF THE LOT!". I was wondering is there anything Ebid can do to get this removed? Anyone new to Ebid doing a Google search is going to see that and maybe think twice about buying from Ebid. The post is from 2005 so it is well out of date by 13 years, yet it appears there IN CAPITALS every time I do a search! I don't know if anyone from Ebid Management reads this section but they should be informed about this and maybe they can do something about it?

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    Default Re: How Ebid looks in the Google search results

    Yes, I've noticed that too, it's certainly not good publicity ! Not sure eBid would have the power to do anything about it though.

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