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Thread: Bing Shopping

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    Default Bing Shopping

    Read about Bing Shopping in the latest newsletter and how it is operating for US and UK so whilst it is not going to be a help for me here in Australia I thought I would see how you guys were fairing on it and tried to access it. Below is what I received.

    I am using Chrome and googled Bing Shopping and got this

    The page owner blocked this page from Google in a suboptimal way, so we couldn't create a good page description. If you know the site owners, let them know that "robots.txt is blocking Google and can't create a site description in search results".


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    Default Re: Bing Shopping


    Can you access Bing if you google Bing Homepage?


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    Default Re: Bing Shopping

    "Back in 2013, Bing Shopping was replaced by Product Search, which simply integrates product results within Bing search results rather than in a separate destination."


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    Default Re: Bing Shopping

    I've just done a few searches for some of my items using Bing and for some reason they show up on Ebid Australia , which is fine but might be a bit confusing for anyone looking in the UK.

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    Default Re: Bing Shopping

    I just tried again today and got into Product Search. Good luck to you all in UK and US hope your products get given priority happy selling.
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