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Thread: Back again....

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    Default Back again....

    I have just closed my shop on another site that rhymes with Betsy. They made no allowance for private sellers, deeming everyone who had a shop a business. They ignored my email enquiry about new regulations. The decision to close cost me money as I had already paid for my listings, but better that than be forced to adhere to business regulations that are frankly ridiculous if you are not in business! (Like putting my full name and address) Sorry, but I live there, and refuse to willingly share that information with anyone who cares to look.
    I did look up the definition of private seller, and it's a seller who does not buy to sell, and whose sales are not counted toward any income. I think most of us fit that bill. For me, I started a postcard collection that has become ridiculous, and as much as I like them, no longer want to collect them, so I want to sell them on. I also have masses of craft stuff that I don't use, so I'll be selling that too.
    It doesn't matter how long that takes.
    It has been a while since I was around, and had forgotten how to log into the forum. I messaged eBid, and got a reply within a couple of hours. Thank you eBid for caring enough to get back to me quickly.
    I will be starting a couple of new shops here shortly, and if I don't sell anything, it really doesn't matter because at least it's not costing me a fortune!
    I closed my shop before realising that I could transfer my listings....duh!!
    So here we go again!!

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    Aug 2011
    Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
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    Default Re: Back again....

    hi welcome back. i closed my shop over there a few months ago cos it was costing me too much!
    https://www.ebid.net/uk/stores/Simply-Handmade all my handmade items
    https://maelbrigdas-bits-pieces.ebid.net For Clothing and Jewellery, Incense, Ornaments, Odds & Ends & Much More
    https://craft-store.ebid.net Crafty bits & pieces.
    https://maelbrigda-books-cds-dvds-vinyl.ebid.net Books, Blu Rays, DVD's, CD's and Vinyl Records

    Please have a look. I combine postage wherever possible.

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    Default Re: Back again....

    Sadly, I am also about to close up shop over there myself.
    I am just letting my listings run out of time and adding them to my stores here on eBid as I go along.

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    Default Re: Back again....

    It's nice for me that I'm not alone in closing that shop, but it's really not nice for anyone else also in that situation! I wasn't selling enough to warrant the cost anyway.....
    Thank you for the welcome back Maelbrigda :-)

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    Default Re: Back again....

    Welcome back, nice to see you again XX

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    Default Re: Back again....

    ​I remember you, welcome back !

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    Default Re: Back again....

    Thank you all.... 😁

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    Default Re: Back again....

    Welcome back and if you list lots of postcards at sensible prices you will sell at least some of them. And the more there is here, the more likely a prospective buyer is to hang about and buy.

    Five shops raising funds for Cats Protection & Prospect Hospice - all sorts of stuff
    Vintage & Modern Postcards
    BK Stamps for my Philatelic listings
    and Yarnalong for craft patterns and some materials
    not to mention
    Lotzabitz -anything that doesn't belong in one of the other shops.

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