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Thread: Ultrasonic Insect Repellers

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    Default Re: Ultrasonic Insect Repellers

    Mel, just a suggestion for you.
    Every summer we are really plagued by flies especially when the farmers are muck spreading, the darned house gets full of them.
    We hang up fly papers which get snided in the pests in no time.
    Trouble is, fly papers are horrible to put up and even worse to take down - so sticky, plus they look horrendous.

    I bought some stickers that look like a Daisy flower and put them in the windows at the top, because that's where they seem to congregate.
    They are coated with insecticide and any fly that walks over the flower (which are said to attract bugs) soon ends up on it's back and dies, usually in the window ledge.
    I was a bit concerned about using them at first, just in case a bee or ladybird crawled over the flowers, because I would hate to kill any of those.
    Luckily, bees and ladybirds don't come into the house much - too many outdoor garden flowers to attract them.

    The stickers do work and last for quite a while, but getting them off the window when you no longer want them there can be a bugbear (sorry! couldn't help that! )
    I scratch ours off with soapy water and wire pan scourer.

    Might help you out a bit.
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    Default Re: Ultrasonic Insect Repellers

    We have an electric bug killer in the kitchen, the same type as used by butchers/bakers shops, along with a chain-link bug screen at the back door. They both work a treat. I think the electric bug killer cost around 60 and the screen was about 20.
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    Default Re: Ultrasonic Insect Repellers

    I have three in my flat - overkill really, as I only really need one. I've had them for a few years now and rarely see flies or wasps (the main reason they are plugged in)! Any beasties that do venture in soon become disorientated and get out ASAP! Two of the repellers are Prolectrix and one is Vermatik.
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