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Thread: eBid App

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    Default eBid App

    Is anyone using the app, if so has it improved any. I know when I tried it a year ago over half the links never worked.
    I went to the google play store last night & it only has a 2.9 rating, has 6 reviews so far for 2018 5 of the reviews are 1 star & the other review is a 2 star.
    Trying to find out if I should even mess with the app.

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    Default Re: eBid App

    Just so you don't think you are being ignored...

    I haven't tried the app in a long time. Last time I did I had similar problems to you - links not working and phone camera not recognised.

    Really, as a seller (at the time) I found the app impractical for posting and maintaining listings. Far better using a PC or, at a minimum, a tablet accessing the full site.

    I think I recall mention of plans to update the app, but if that ever happened I don't know. The feedback would indicate maybe not.

    Lacking any other responses it may be a case of 'sucking it and see'.

    What's the worst that could happen?

    Support Your Country.

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    Default Re: eBid App

    Thanks Mel,
    I would not be using it to list, but would like to use it to check on items i have listed & to be notified if I received any messages, offers or of an item sold.
    I am starting to list again & this time I am going to work on putting up a lot of listings.

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