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Thread: Non payer from India with 0 feedback

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    Default Non payer from India with 0 feedback

    I've just sent a payment reminder to a buyer of over 1000 items (yes he went a bit crazy in my shops before I got a chance to stop him). I sent an invoice last Wednesday with 999 items plus postage but I'm still waiting for payment. Frustatingly I owe approx. 10 in fees and it'll take hours to cancel every item.

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    Default Re: Non payer from India with 0 feedback


    Do not cancel the transactions or you may be billed for them. Contact eBid Support with the details of what happened, ask them to cancel the transactions, and request that the fee be refunded.

    Not sure if you can provide buyer user name in thread. Perhaps someone else can advise. This would allow other users to blackball the buyer.

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    Default Re: Non payer from India with 0 feedback

    ​I agree contact [email protected] and explain the situation, I'm sure they will sort things out for you.

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