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Thread: Saving entire listing with pics in folder

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    Default Re: Saving entire listing with pics in folder

    Quote Originally Posted by Gill View Post

    NL will keep your listings and pics if they are in constant use but pics will be deleted after 75 days if the listing is allowed to expire for this length of time. Your description etc. will be saved by NL.

    I keep my pics in a file on my PC and on a stick in case of PC troubles.
    You are correct that NL doesn't store your photos (those remain on your computer until you delete them), but it does save the listing template itself indefinitely. If you store your photos in the same folder/directory and do not delete or move them, then NL does also keep track of the location of the photos, ready to upload to ebid with the listing info.

    Perhaps you are referring to the fact that listings with photos on ebid itself will eventually disappear unless you log in periodically and do not let them expire?

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    Default Re: Saving entire listing with pics in folder

    Thank you Gill!

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    Default Re: Saving entire listing with pics in folder

    Thanks Tia, great system!

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    Default Re: Saving entire listing with pics in folder

    Hi Everyone - after been awayfor sone time have spent some time in organising my listings - I images were lost ad it was over 3 year..I want to convert the text file into a CVS file - which apprently is easy - but I cant figure out


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