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Thread: Item ID number retain

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    Default Re: Item ID number retain

    Quote Originally Posted by cornishmaid1961 View Post
    Maybe it would be a good solution to make it optional as to keeping our listing number or not, if that was possible ?

    For me selling items that are usually unique, there might just be one or two doubles from other sellers,
    the listing number change is a bit of a pain because of broken promotional links on other sites.

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    Default Re: Item ID number retain

    Listing ID numbers do not affect the search on ebid's site, it is the time listing's end that matters.
    For example
    Say you list a comic with a 7 day end time with 10 auto re-post & your listing has a new listing ID number every time.
    Say I list a comic 1 day after you & I set mine at a 5 day end time with 10 auto re-post & my listing has the same listing ID number everytime.
    My listing will show in ebid searches above yours because mine will end before yours, when mine ends & re-posts yours will be above mine for 1 day & then yours will end & re-post, when yours re-post with a new Listing ID number it will still show below mine in ebid search because my listing will be ending before yours.

    eBid searches always shows listings that are ending 1st, the reason for not using run til sold is because it has no ending time & therefor will not move up the list in ebid searches not because it has the same listing ID number.

    Hope this helps.
    Last edited by HaleysComics; 15th May 2018 at 11:02 PM.

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