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Thread: Hello

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    Default Hello


    My name is Margaret and I have been on eBid for 4 days and just want to say, hello to all of you on Ebid.

    Please if someone can get back to me, I would appreciate it...my site is MargaretsCorner.

    I'm a new this and need all the help and advise, possible.

    Thank you, it's going to be a pleasure contacting some of you.




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    Default Re: Hello

    Hi Margaret welcome to eBid. You have some nice listings, if you list anything lighter then it is worth offering world wide postage.

    I would change your listings from run until sold as this keeps them at the bottom of the eBid lists, much better to do ten automatic repostings so they rise up to the top.

    Filling in your about me page is a good idea with some details about yourself and terms and conditions.

    You can use the plug forum to advertise your items. One thread allowed which can be bumped every 24 hours.

    Advertise as much as you can on social media that you are selling on eBid. It is a small site and doesn't have the ready made audience of the bigger ones. Also make sure you get your items onto Google shopping a buy it now price is required along with either a bar code or if it hasn't got one then put the word EXEMPT in the bar code box. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Hello

    Welcome! You might also consider breaking out shipping and offering shipping discounts on multiple purchases, rather than offering free shipping. Final value fee is not charged on shipping here and you will also be encouraging people to buy more than one item.

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    Default Re: Hello

    This advice from another member:

    1) Offer international shipping whenever possible to widen your potential customer base.
    2) If seller+ use your 5 free stores to organize your items.
    3) Use BIN prices whenever possible (in addition to auction style if desired) to ensure your items are uploaded to Google shopping.
    4) Use Plug Your Auctions section of the forum (1x per 24 hours, delete/close old post before adding new one) to advertise your items for sale.
    5) Use social media sites to advertise your listings.
    6) Add a signature link to your forum posts so members can click to view your listings.
    7) Tell everyone you know and meet about eBid, including former customers on other sites.
    8) Use MaO if it's your thing or offer combined shipping or similar to give buyers more incentive to purchase from you.
    9) List as many items as possible to give buyers more choices.
    10) Use 7-10 day listings instead of RUS to ensure your items move up searches.
    11) Participate in the forums and eBid activities (as the monthly YDC charity auctions if it's your thing) so members get to know you.

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