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Thread: Cancel an order at request of buyer

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    Default Cancel an order at request of buyer

    When an item has been ordered, in the dropdown menu there is an option to cancel the sale. (Not there now as the order is posted)

    I had occasion to do this recently when someone bid for a number of items, and then got back to me saying, I made a mistake, one of the these I have duplicate, please cancel.

    I clicked cancel, which took me to the item where there was no option to cancel. So I could not cancel. Is this an omission?

    So I discounted the item in the final invoice, and didn't send it.

    So, how would I do this in future without incurring a sales fee?

    I checked the forum for previous answers and temporarily blackballing the buyer was the best I could find, but not appropriate when a buyer wants to cancel one of a list.

    I could ask Support to cancel but it seems poor use of Support time to do this manually for the sake of a small fee.
    Bill Hopkinson,


    39000 stamps listed, based in London

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    Default Re: Cancel an order at request of buyer

    Is it possible to cancel the entire invoice, delete the duplicate item and then issue a new invoice? I've never encountered this problem, but a way to fix it would be good to know.

    I understand not wanting to contact Support but if there is no way to do it yourself, it might prompt them to create a way for the seller to take care of this problem if it arises in the future.

    Good luck!!

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    Default Re: Cancel an order at request of buyer

    I used to contact support but don't bother now as normally like you say bill it's only a few pence

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