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Thread: If you don't want to walk on a hot pavement.....

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    Default Re: If you don't want to walk on a hot pavement.....

    I understand what you are saying, but what do you suggest as the alternative? I have had 2 dogs myself and looked after numerous others....dogs want to walk, no matter what the weather. Okay may be not in the heavy rain, both of my dogs had been known to demand to go out in the garden.....then give me a look saying "what, you expect me to out in that? No way am I going out."

    Carry them? - Most dogs are too heavy to be carried far.

    Or maybe you have found a gap in the market, socks/shoes for dogs (although, not sure how the dog would take to that. Have you experienced a dog in a situation where something is happening, that they do not approve of?

    One of the dogs I looked after had 4 adults trying to get it into a haltie, I didn't realise that a dog had so many legs...... Nearly get it fitted then a leg comes free and you have to start again. In the end the dog won... no haltie.
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