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Thread: Pictures in our listings

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    Thank you Astral

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    Quote Originally Posted by FirstGreenIsGold View Post

    Shesaway ... I've recently been revising some of my listings (one at a time) and have noticed that some of my coins are without a category, so there must have been a which to categories already that I wasn't aware of. (The most notable one that I can think of now is U.S.A. Lincoln Head cents.)
    I've been cleaning up some of my current listings now - trying to get to them just before they expire - and have noticed the same thing on many of them. They must be deleting the sub categories that I had previously put them in. The categories they were originally put in, still show up at the top of each individual listing page but I'm having to choose a different sub category. I wonder where the listing goes when it's sub category is deleted? Maybe that is why there are so many things in the "Other" categories?

    I did go ahead and open a second store for books. The book site I had been selling on is closing down the end of the month so it was a choice of copy/paste info from one site to another or start from scratch. It's been a tedious process because the old site had stock photos for most of the books and I'm now taking pictures of the actual book people will be buying - only about 120 more to go........ LOL!!! I wonder if it is worth the time, as book sales decreased dramatically with the invention of devices like Kindle, but I can't stand the thought of tossing a perfectly good book away. I did give 2 large boxes of Large Print books to the nursing home and they were happy to get those.

    The other stores I plan to open will wait until after all the changes have been made so I won't have to constantly be checking to see if listings have to be edited. The thought is "get it right the first time" so I can spend my time listing new item rather than editing old listings that haven't sold yet.

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