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Thread: Pictures in our listings

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    Default Pictures in our listings

    I was so pleased to read in the recent newsletter that the increase in the number of pictures for Seller + is in the works!

    When can we expect this change to take place? Is there a target date in place? (If this information was in the newsletter, I missed it.)

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    Default Re: Pictures in our listings

    Ooh! Goody Goody Gumdrops!

    Five shops raising funds for Cats Protection & Prospect Hospice - all sorts of stuff
    Vintage & Modern Postcards
    BK Stamps for my Philatelic listings
    and Yarnalong for craft patterns and some materials
    not to mention
    Lotzabitz -anything that doesn't belong in one of the other shops.

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    Default Re: Pictures in our listings

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    Default Re: Pictures in our listings

    From the newsletter:

    "We're continuing to work on a huge upgrade to the site which will bring with it many improvements and new facilities.

    One of those will be the photo/image system. I'm happy to announce we'll be increasing the number of general photos
    you can place on a single listing to 15. This number does not include any photos that are assigned to different variations
    the listing may have. For example, let's say you have a t-shirt in 6 colours. You will be able to upload 6 photos (one for
    each of the different product variations) via our upcoming "Product Variation Wizard") plus your 15 general product photos
    making 21 in total in this example.

    All at no extra cost, still free to list and still only 2% or 0% final sale fee (SELLER+ accounts).

    It's always good to remember though, quality is better than quantity. Always upload your photos in as higher resolution as
    possible to allow your buyers to see your items clearly. All of these new exciting changes are just around the corner.

    We've had quite a few requests this month for a new top level category to be added to eBid. The category is for handmade
    goods. I'm glad to say we'll be adding this soon. Many thanks to everyone for their input on the subject."

    No date for increase in no. of pictures in a listing though

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    Default Re: Pictures in our listings


    When can we expect the increase in photographs to take place?

    Please and thank you.


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