Hello Ebid readers,

I am a new seller to Ebid currently, but I am also a collector of comics and comic strips. My current collection is Little Orphan Annie, and I have been trying to find some of the old comic strips from either the first or last year.

August 5, 1924 was when the strip first appeared in the New York Daily News and the Annie strip ended in 2010 on a cliffhanger that was eventually picked up by Dick Tracy so Annie could be reunited with Daddy Warbucks. I don't know much on which papers carried the final strips since the papers here in my city did not support the comic.

So far, I managed to get some complete years worth of the daily strips from the 1930's and 1940's, and I've managed to acquire full Sunday pages from 1925-1929 with about 1/3 of the Sunday strips from 1926. I'm uncertain of what the cost would be for the strips from 1924, but I imagine it won't be too cheap since Patterson only allowed Gray to run the strip in one paper for a couple months before expanding, but I figure the strips from 2010 won't go for much since they are newer.

Also, I have a near complete collection of the Big Little Books and am looking for Little Orphan Annie: Under the Big Top, and the Big Little Kit that was a boxed big little book with a set of four crayons that came with it. I've seen the Big Little Kit item only once and know it goes for a few hundred complete. The other Big Little Book, Under the Big Top, I would be willing to buy as long as it's complete but I'm not looking to spend tons on this one.

Cost is the key though. If things are extremely costly, like high hundreds or thousands, then maybe we can make a trade or something.