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Thread: Out of date Help information.

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    Default Out of date Help information.

    https://www.ebid.net/uk/help/selling-on-ebid/#faq-49 (Seller Tips).

    Item 12: Information on maximum image size seems way out of date.

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    Default Re: Out of date Help information.

    Thx, will get this fixed.
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    Default Re: Out of date Help information.

    Thanks for updating, but...

    You now have the text 'DO add great photos.' twice at the beginning.

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    Default Re: Out of date Help information.

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    Default Re: Out of date Help information.

    Quote Originally Posted by FBNeNotes View Post
    Yep! It appears outdated to me. Although I sort of liked that purple logo. Of course, I've never thought of wikipedia as the most completely reliable source of accurate up to date information.

    "It is an intelligent man that is aware of his own ignorance." -Unknown

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