In modern society, there is an active popularization of jewelry. Like the clothes, in jewelry has its trends, but also takes into account the personal preferences of each person. Incidentally, jewelry has long ceased to be only an ornament for women. Men also wear jewelry.
With regard to fashion trends, they are constantly changing and thus make changes in the shape of jewelry. Recently in vogue vintage I came again, so we can safely combine flowered dress "from my grandmother's trunk" with vintage jewelry (pendants on long chains from the aged metal, brooch with a cameo, with delicate roses on them rings and ear rings). The main thing - not all at once, and the color palette for this image is suitable pastel, in a gentle, somewhat "washed out" colors.
Conservative women and connoisseur of classic jewelry like pearls (fake, by the way, are often virtually indistinguishable from natural), small stud earrings, fine rings.
Young and bold girls like original and unusual jewelry models - necklace with playing chips as pendants, earrings card suspension - anchors (nautical theme, by the way, is still not out of fashion), rings on several fingers, and much more.
Jewelry in the style of 'oversized' is also highly relevant. Often young and fragile girls can see the massive men's watch, big earrings, long chains with large pendants - all this looks impressive, especially if the dress is matched correctly.
Fans of hip-hop culture in the jewelry prefer luxury, larger stones and glitter. Rocker prefers the metal "on a silver", the lack of thorns and stones. But designers and fashionistas around the world skillfully combine these different trends, wearing bracelets "under the gold" with thorns and stones.
Jewelry, in fact, can radically change the image and say a lot about a person. Jewelry can "revive" not new and rather dull outfit, give confidence. That is why women in the arsenal of the 21st century a huge number of these "useless", according to many men, trinkets.
But on the women's jewelry works the best sedative.
Buying new earrings or a ring helps women to relieve stress and elevates mood. A fitting decoration is something like a trance and makes it possible to abstract from everyday thoughts. This leap from reality useful for the nervous system than eight hours of sleep, say psychologists.
Scientists have conducted a study which concluded that the jewelry has on the health of women of great influence. They believe that in order to calm down in the evening or before a meeting of responsible enough to scatter on the table and a few minutes to sort out your favorite decorations, admiring them. Bright gloss colored glass pieces will help you relax.
Another positive effect has jewelry because of its multi-colored and can be a part of color therapy. According to experts, pure colors affect the human energy balance. Therefore, using a bright costume jewelry can be simulated mood. For example, yellow motivates to work, adds red force blue tames appetite, soothing brown, orange weakens fear. It remains only to wear a bracelet or ring the desired color - and a good day is provided to you.