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Thread: eBid in the USA

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    Default Re: eBid in the USA

    I've tried everything to get feedback. Include notes in packages with thank you, feedback helps shoppers. Doesn't help. Buyers will send an email saying how pleased they were with the item, packaging, timely shipping....I send a feedback request.......NOTHING. These are U.S. buyers who would be familiar with the Bay and feedback process. Can't understand why they would take time to send an email and not take the time to check a feedback box. I gave up trying.

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    Default Re: eBid in the USA

    It's often said by people who have been selling here for years that buyers on ebid just don't leave FB. True, there is a slow decline in those leaving FB even on TOS, but I would say that still at least 75% of my buyers there do take the time and trouble. Here it's never been more than half.

    Sadly I think it's about commitment. Having good FB shows a good reputation, commitment to the site, its well-being and safety. Would one-off buyers be interested in any of that? Many of my buyers have zero FB having opened their account to buy an item from me. They were probably drawn here by a note in a with a sale elsewhere. If they don't expect to be back what do they care about the seller, the site or its safety for other shoppers?
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