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Thread: YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's

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    Post YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's

    Have you ever wondered what all the YDC hoopla is about that happens towards the end of most months?

    Well maybe this little thread will help explain. And who knows, in the end you may decide to join in the mayhem.

    The 3 R's
    are considered the fundamentals or basic knowledge of a field.

    The three R's of education are regarded as reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic.

    So, I thought, "Why not have the three R's of YDC?"

    Of course, I got carried away with all the excitement and actually came up with six (6) R's.

    = a brief YDC history and time line of major events
    = all about the money YDC has raised & charities supported
    Responses to Questions = YDC FAQ's
    Ready to List = the basics of YDC listings
    Request = be a part of YDC
    Right Now = current YDC happenings

    For those of you that like to jump around, each of the R's is a link to take you directly to that post and please click on the all the links throughout this thread for more information and insight. Just look for the text in blue.

    P.S. If you are one of those people that just goes to the unread posts in a thread, I invite you to take a moment to revisit the other posts … I tend to update at least one of them each time I add to this thread.

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    Default Re: YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's

    A Brief History of eBid YDC

    In the beginning …

    YDC was originally created on another online selling venue in an effort to bring folk together. The idea was to give folk something to focus on and to create some fun in the forums.

    In 2003, when many of the original YDC participants came here, YorkiesAuctions started YDC on eBid.

    Yorkies Daft Competition was all about the fun. The original idea was to sell a low value item for as much as you could using a funny and/or inventive description.

    The idea of making YDC a charity event was introduced in YDC 4.

    In late 2006, when Yorkie had to stop running the YDC due to family and work commitments, the name of the event was changed to Your Donation Counts. This event may no longer be called Daft, but daft auctions with funny titles and creative descriptions are still encouraged and appreciated.

    YDC Timeline
    YDC 1
    Yorkies Daft Competition
    YorkiesAuctions presiding

    YDC starts the last full weekend of the month
    listing period = 2 days Friday to Sunday
    midnight to midnight UK time
    auctions hosted on eBid.co.uk
    item value = 10 maximum
    auctions run up to 7 days
    bidding starts when listing period ends
    YDC 4
    YDC becomes a charity event
    limit of 5 auctions per seller
    eBid creates a YDC category
    YDC 37
    YDC Name Change - Your Donation Counts
    YDC 44
    item value increased to 20 maximum
    YDC 63
    a friendly little competition
    YDC 69
    BabsnRay aka PoppyGrove presiding
    Creation of Charity Forum
    YDC 77
    Change of auction running time from 7 to 4 days
    Change of event dates from
    the last full weekend of the month to
    the 24 through the 28th of the month
    Change of listing period from 2 days to anytime
    Vonz aka Armstrongs presiding
    YDC 79
    Competition entry no longer required for YDC auctions
    Listing time changed from UK time to Local time zone
    ​YDC 100
    ​YDC 110
    YDC 129

    Prefer to see history in pictures rather than words, why not take a look at the YDC albums?

    Have a notable event to add? Have a correction that needs to be made? Captured a YDC memorable moment in pictures? Just send a Private Message to hurryb4itsgone.

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    Default Re: YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's


    YDC (Your Donation Counts) events have raised thousands of $, , over the years for both local and international causes. A list of charities supported by YDC events can be found at the bottom of my "All-About-Me" page.

    Name:  ydc totals.jpg
Views: 12
Size:  47.0 KB

    More detail about the funds given by YDC participants can be found at:

    YDC Total of Totals and YDC totals from 2010 ~

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    Default Re: YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's

    Responses to Questions

    YDC FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: What is YDC?
    R: YDC is a charity fund raising event on eBid.net

    Q: What does YDC mean?
    R: YDC is an acronym that stands for Your Donation Counts.

    Q: When does YDC take place?
    R: YDC occurs the 24th to the 28th of each month, excluding December.

    How do I list my item for 4 days?
    R: On the listing page, click on 'Custom' and click the 24th of the month for the start date. Enter 4 in the 'days box' and you are ready to go.

    What charity is supported by YDC?
    R: The YDC featured charity changes from one event to another.

    Q: Do my YDC auctions have to support the featured charity?
    R: You are free to support any charity of your choice with your YDC auctions. Be sure to indicate
    what worthy cause will receive the proceeds in the title and description of your YDC listings.

    Q: How is the YDC featured charity chosen?
    R: The YDC featured charity is nominated by the winner of the competition.

    Q: May I choose whether my YDC listing is part of the competition?
    R: Yes, only listings that indicate they are an entry in the competition and meet all the requirements (see Ready to List? - post #5) are considered part of the competition.

    Q: I ran an auction in YDC, now what do I do with the proceeds?
    R: Instructions on where to send YDC money for the featured charity is included in the tally thread for the event. Don't forget to add a post to the thread with the amount of money you raised for all your YDC auctions.

    Have a correction to an answer or a question you want answered or think should be included here?

    Just send a Private Message to hurryb4itsgone.

    Last edited by hurryb4itsgone; 29th September 2017 at 03:20 PM. Reason: update link & post #

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    Default Re: YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's

    Ready To List?

    YDC (Your Donation Counts) is a charity fund raising event on eBid.net.

    The international eBid community hosts the YDC charity event from the 24th to the 28th of each month, excluding December.

    Items donated by eBid members are auctioned off to benefit worthy causes. YDC is open to all eBid members and is a fun way to raise money for charity.

    YDC also includes an optional competition component to see which seller can attract the highest bid for one of their auctioned items. The winner gets to nominate the following YDC's featured charity.

    Ready to start a YDC listing?
    1. Choose a charity or good cause to support with the money you raise. You may support any cause you wish.
    2. List your item in the Your Donation Counts sub-category of the Charity Auctions category on eBid.net.
    3. Include YDC nnn (the number of the current YDC) and your cause in the auction title and description.
    4. Maximize YDC visibility by offering your item to as many international destinations as possible. Please do not charge more than cost for shipping or postage.
    5. Run your listing from the 24th to the 28th of the month.


    Want to Enter the Competition?
    1. Choose an item with an expected value of less than 20.00 (or local equivalent). Higher value items are still welcome in YDC but will not be considered competition entries.
    2. Start your auctions at 99p or less (or local equivalent).
    3. Be sure your auction does not use Reserves, Buy Now prices or listing enhancements (eg Featured, etc).
    4. Make sure your end time on the 28th matches your start time on the 24th, so that your auction only runs for exactly four days - no extending from very early on the 24th to late on the 28th.
    5. Add the following text to your auction(s) description:
      This auction is an entry in the YDC competition. All money raised by this auction will go to charity name.

    Last edited by hurryb4itsgone; 23rd March 2018 at 02:28 PM. Reason: update competition rules

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    Default Re: YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's


    Be a part of YDC (Your Donation Counts)
    charity auctions on eBid.net

    Name:  be a part of it.jpg
Views: 670
Size:  10.1 KB
    Be a part of it ...
    ... by listing an item and donating the proceeds
    ... by donating to the featured charity
    ... by bidding on the items up for auction
    ... by promoting YDC on social media

    Name:  ydc sm google+.jpg
Views: 893
Size:  11.6 KB
    Charity Auctions on eBid

    Name:  ydc conversation talking.jpg
Views: 2559
Size:  15.1 KB

    Have an eBid YDC (Your Donation Counts) social media page you would like added?

    Just send the link to hurryb4itsgone via Private Message.

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    Default Re: YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's

    Right Now

    Current YDC Event

    Name:  mark your calendar.png
Views: 421
Size:  77.7 KB

    YDC 169

    will take place September
    24th through the 28th

    Your Donation Counts!

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    Default Re: YDC Charity Events: The 3 R's

    As the winner of the YDC 168 competition, youmeus has chosen Direct Relief as the featured charity for YDC 169.

    Attachment 59276

    Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states of the US and more than 80 countries around the world, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay.

    Won't you come out and help us raise money for this worthy cause?

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