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Thread: Google Chrome Extends Windows XP Support Until End of 2015

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    Default Re: Google Chrome Extends Windows XP Support Until End of 2015

    They also dropped support for Windows Vista before Vista reached its 10 year end of support status, which was just recently in April of 2017. They'll probably be dropping Windows 7 support in a couple of years and I wouldn't be surprised to see it become a Windows 10 only product within 5 years.

    Google makes their money from the cloud, and pushing people to new operating systems which don't support older applications makes people switch to online cloud based replacements for these applications. These older applications were likely purchased in a store on a CD during the Windows XP days or before and require no Internet connectivity.

    For example, you bought a CD with software to make greeting cards in 1998. It has hundreds of styles, even more than what can be found in stores so it can practically be used forever. It has worked fine on Windows XP & Vista through 2014. Then you found that Chrome would no longer work. So you updated your computer to Windows 8 or 10. Now Chrome works, but your greeting card software does not. So you found a website that lets you print some free greeting cards. It's slow even on a DSL connection and it's filled with advertisements from Google's advertising division, which is what allowed the site to have a high ranking in Google's search results, which is how you found it in the first place. Now you've used up the free cards and now you've signed up for a subscription to have full access to all the greeting card styles. To make matters worse, the subscription doesn't remove most of Google's advertisements which are on the site.

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    Default Re: Google Chrome Extends Windows XP Support Until End of 2015

    Perhaps I'm thick but if you buy a CD with software to make cards or do anything else for that matter, why can't you just continue using it? How does Google Chrome get involved? I've never used Google Chrome.

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