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Thread: Hurry Before It's Gone

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    Lightbulb Hurry Before It's Gone

    A little about me.

    Compared to many I am rather new to on-line selling. My partner has been an on-line book dealer since 1998.

    In the beginning, when the stash from my parents' and grandparents' houses came to me, he did do the listing for me. After we sorted through the 100+ boxes of books he decided it was up to me to sort and sell everything else. So, in 2011 my e-commerce career began. Then in 2012 I found eBid. What a great find that was.

    My All About page states: "Some people comb garage sales, flea markets, antique fairs and estate sales to find items to sell. I comb my attic, basement, cabinets and closets." It's true! I don't buy to re-sell. I just open a closet or cabinet and have a ready stock of things to list.

    And just in case you were wondering whom the "three generations of pack rats and their friends" are ... that would be my grandmother, my mother and myself. I am really working hard to break the cycle. And with the passing of my partner's father, we have a whole new batch of treasures to sort through!

    Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to stop by again soon. You never know what new item we have discovered to list.

    P.S. Be sure to click on the pictures in this thread. Each one is a link into the humming hub of shopping with hurryb4itsgone.

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    Default Re: Hurry Before It's Gone

    A little about my stores.

    Books Abound and Tapes, Too! No assembly required. Media from by-gone eras for your entertainment pleasure. Books, magazines, maps, cassette tapes and vhs tapes from the library of hurryb4itsgone.

    Classic Clutter Charity Marketplace: I cleaned out my cupboards and what did I find? These items to offer with you in mind ... some are useful, some are pretty, some are collectible, some are just plain fun and the proceeds from all will go to the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Finish Line Fund.

    Crafty Clutter: Looking for inspiration, instructions or supplies for your next project? Take a look here.

    Finishing Touches: Fashion accessories to make every outfit uniquely your own: scarves, handbags, shoes, jewelry and more.

    Some Stamp and Coin Collections: The world at your fingertips ... stamps from my childhood, first day covers from my partner, coins from my father and postcards from our travels.

    Feel free to stop in and browse a spell!
    Last edited by hurryb4itsgone; 30th October 2016 at 08:23 PM. Reason: update classic clutter charity marketplace description

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    Default Re: Hurry Before It's Gone

    Classic Clutter Market Place is now a Charity Store!

    The money from all sales will go to the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Finish Line Fund.

    The Finish Line Fund was established to support LAS students in good academic standing who are within one semester of graduation but who have a financial hold on their account which prevents registration for their final classes.

    Here is a small selection of the items available to support this worthy cause ... just click on the pictures to have a closer look.

    ... ...

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    Default Re: Hurry Before It's Gone

    Name:  ydc conversation talking red=A8dD30.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  15.1 KB

    The international eBid community hosts the YDC (Your Donation Counts) charity event from the 24th to the 28th of each month, excluding December.

    Items donated by eBid members are auctioned off to benefit worthy causes. YDC is open to all eBid members and is a fun way to raise money for charity.

    This month the featured charity is Eastborne Area Ambulance Community First Responders.

    Name:  ydc 154 logo.png
Views: 7
Size:  151.6 KB

    Here are my offerings to help raise money for this worthy cause. Click on the pictures to have a closer look.

    Name:  ydc 1 small.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  40.7 KB

    Name:  ydc 2a small.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  33.0 KB

    Name:  ydc 3a small.jpg
Views: 7
Size:  62.0 KB

    Want more information about YDC and how you can participate? Just click HERE.

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