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Thread: Chat about Pin Badge Collecting...

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    Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom
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    Default Re: Chat about Pin Badge Collecting...

    And I still haven't found mine

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    Default Re: Chat about Pin Badge Collecting...

    nice collection,nicely dipslayed - always a tricky item to display - well done to you!

    Well, here are what I consider proper pin badges I bought years ago in Greenwich

    They are neatly housed and preserved in plastic cigarette card sleeves with black card between the pages

    - enjoy!
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    Default Re: Chat about Pin Badge Collecting...

    They've kept well, much more fragile than the metal pin badges.

    Honest, reliable seller looking for honest, reliable buyers.

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    Default Re: Chat about Pin Badge Collecting...

    Until Emm started posting I had no idea these were collectable either. I knew the robinsons golly was sought after but not anything else.
    I used to buy these and make cards with them in the 80's before cardmaking got popular and there were so many embellishments to choose from.
    https://www.ebid.net/uk/stores/Simply-Handmade all my handmade items
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    Please have a look. I combine postage wherever possible.

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    Default Re: Chat about Pin Badge Collecting...

    Quote Originally Posted by meebo1 View Post
    I had no idea there are people who collect pin badges. I will now try and find the ones I have and list them
    Pin Badges, Lapel pins, Tie Tac and Hat pins ae widely collected in almost every genre. I love them, they tell a little story and they were one of the few pieces of jewelry a man used to be able to wear.

    Your collection looks fantastic! I know this is a new post but I am a run away from eBad and just discovering everything eBid. On eBad my main seller is pin badges, AKA lapel pins, hat pins, so many names. They do sell quite well for the right ones, everything from quilting to 'if you can name it, there is probably a pin for it and someone collecting it". The fun thing about pins is it crosses every age, race and sex, they have them for kids, sports, events, clubs, etc.

    They go back decades and decades and earlier ones are highly sought out. They don't sell for a lot for most of them, but it is a lot of fun to sell them, especially to collectors who have been seeking the very pin you sell. I think pins are like a treasure hunt for many collectors, kind of like stamp collecting. Some fetch a lot of money.

    Dig out your lapel pins, hat pins, tie tacs, military pins, wing pins, Disney pins, etc., and see how they sell for you. Easy to ship, most are under 2 ounces total including packaging and ship easily International as well.


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