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Thread: Cocktails!!! and Music

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all

    Shesa - hope it all goes well for you on the 19th, & sorry to hear its had to come to the knife BUT - lookin' forward, it will be worth it in the long run I guess.
    No doubt you'll need a brace for awhile after that op for sure! & I don't think you'll have any problems remembering to behave yourself (especially early on)
    A blinged out neck brace - why not. Glad my winter winds cooled things down a tad. Brass monkey territory 'round here ATM.

    My leg is on the mend & the Doc says it normally takes 4 - 6 weeks to settle. (I'm only 2 weeks in)
    My old mate has made it home OK, but is NOT happy the Doc/s have permanently cancelled his driving license. Not much he can do about that, so will sell his car.
    He & his other half are coming here on a day visit next Thursday, just to get him out for awhile. He's now able to get around his house with a walking stick, so that's some progress at least.
    But on his visit here he'll use his wheelie walker thingamebob.

    Found this 16 year old Dutch girl Noor Peters doing a beautiful job of "Tennessee Whiskey", with fellow Steel Guitar Forum member Johan Jansen on Pedal Steel. Enjoy!
    Also a top Aussie tune written by John Williamson, performed by brother & sister, Lee & Tania Kernaghan "A Bushman Can't Survive"



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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all.

    Hope everyone is well - all the best for tomorrow Shesa!

    The Regal geetar has just arrived from Melbourne & apart from a couple of minor probs. I'm happy with it. Condition is "double plus good"

    Here's a bit of Bluegrass by yours truly, hope ya like it. "Cold Trailin' " X Rodney Dillard.
    The Dillards featured many times on the old Andy Griffith show back in the B & W days & were supposed to be visiting cousins of Andy's (Andy Griffith was a big Bluegrass fan & played guitar himself on the show several times) - Hope you like bluegrass steel Wyo!


    You'll need a drinkies after this one people!
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Greetings Cocktailers!

    Some good news from Debbie.
    She is doing fine, nothing too awful showed up on the MRI scan (not CT as I mistakenly said earlier).

    She is on the blood thinning tablets and apparently should be ok within 6 months.

    My IBS lingered on right up 'till Saturday just gone, I'm so relieved that I can now cough and sneeze without 'following through' Haa-haa!

    Books, I laughed at the Big Bang Theory clips, and enjoyed your vids of the festival. I loved the dancers, it reminded me of the 'obby 'oss day in Padstow.

    Oooh, Wyo - that bottle of Gentleman Jack sure went down well! I loved the pics of the doggies - aww, Sadie is just adorable.
    She looks so full of fun and mischief! Hey, that lady that is miffed with you should be grateful that she has such a great friend in you.
    There's no pleasing some folk! Hope that your bread has turned out real good this time - do I smell fresh baked bread on the menu for tomorrow?

    Old, well done with the reso choons - and also acquiring your new treasure safe and sound. Ooh, I enjoyed your choons - especially Tenessee Whisky, could listen to that anytime.
    Glad your leg is on the mend, and also your old mate has made it home. I feel sad for him, having to sell his car - but at least he has something to look forward to when he comes to visit you.
    Tell him he's lucky to have his legs even though he has to use a stick and a wheelie thingymabob. My poor sis is totally wheelchair bound with no legs at all ... sob
    She obviously has to totally rely upon everyone for everything.
    Thanks for the Bundy, me ole mate.... I'll partake of a few glasses with you ... cheers!

    Shes, me darlin', how are you? How did the op go? I hope that you will try and take it easy hun, no more lifting heavy weights for you until you are fully recovered.
    Hope you are fitted out with a neck brace - and you be sure to accept as much help as possible from O/H! I know that you are an independant gal, and will be impatient to get back to some kind of normality, but you have to heal first, lady!
    Sending you a big get better soon hug (((((xxx)))))

    Well, I might as well fess up about my teeth.
    Yesterday, I went to the dentist and had a front tooth and the one next to it drilled down into a point, I'm having crowns fitted on them. I had to have the nerve removed from them a couple of years ago (I think). I'm fed up with keep going back to the dentist every 6 months to have the old filling scraped out and new white stuff put back in the shell.

    As the nerves have been removed the teeth are 'dead' and keep going really grey and discoloured. Once they are crowned - that should put a stop to all that malarkee , I hope! The dentist made me a temporary cover for them, she said "so I wouldn't scare the children"! I was horrified when I first saw two sharp fangs right at the front, so I was glad she didn't send me home looking like a flesh eating zombie crossed with a shark.

    Trouble is - these temporary replacement teeth were white, and the front one is longer than my other real front tooth, I now resemble Nanny McPhee.
    Dentist told me not to bite on anything hard, so I found something to eat that was soft - curry noodles

    OMG - the curry has dyed the temporary teeth bright yellow, I have tried scrubbing them but they are still luminous yellow. I'm not going to smile again until I get my proper teeth fitted - oh, the shame. LOL!!!!!!
    Do you think bleach may whiten them? (They aren't my own teeth after all!)
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all

    Trish - glad to hear Debbie's OK, that's very good news! She may be able to make it to Mexico after all?
    Sorry to hear 'bout the yellow fangs Just imagine what curry does on the inside! I dislike dentists even more than used car salesmen or politicians!
    Q - Have you ever seen a POOR dentist, A = NO

    Something tells me that Shesa is up & about Hope it all went well there Shes! Must be busy putting the bling on that neck collar!

    My old mate arrives a little later, so I'll have to chase the vacuum cleaner around a bit - bye 4 now



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