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Thread: Cocktails!!! and Music

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all

    You're so right there Trish - I have me beady eyes on another one (here in Oz this time) an early 30's lap steel similar to that last one, except a 6 string this time!
    Should know on Sunday if it's mine or not Hopefully there won't be the same shipping worry I normally have! Glad you had another good break.

    OK long story short - I had a long drive last Saturday during which I have developed an SVT (Superficial vein thrombosis) in my right leg calf.
    I overdid the driving & should have had a break along the way, but I pushed myself to get home in one stint. (twit)
    The Doc has me on antibiotics & a soluble aspirin daily, plus I've had an ultra-sound from the groin to the ankle. (to check there's no DVT)
    This is a painful little complaint & I have to take it easy on the driving (& wear a compression stocking in the car) for the next little while!

    Had about 20mm of rain yesterday & it's down to about 8C to 19C ATM.
    My old mate makes it home today sometime & I hope he settles back in OK & behaves himself from now on (moonshine wise!)

    Some holiday drinks for yuz! & a choon or 3

    Name:  COCKTAILSPNG.jpg
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Haa-haa! I just knew another geetar would be joining your collection pretty soon! Fingers crossed for you, roll on Sunday!

    Re your SVT, Old - you are just not going to believe this.
    Daughter no.2 Debbie phoned me on Wednesday to tell me that she had been in a lot of pain with her leg whilst on holiday in Portugal.
    She also had shortness of breath - (she doesn't smoke). She felt that something wasn't right and googled her symptoms, which all pointed to DVT.

    She saw a doctor in Portugal that wasn't of much help, so Debbie saw her own doctor when she got back to UK.
    He sent her to Ipswich hospital, where she had blood tests. An hour and a half later she received a phone call from the hospital to tell her to go straight back as her D-dimer blood test was abnormally high - over 1,000. She had to have two injections in her stomach, and had several more tests - all which showed that she has DVT.
    Apparently, it's only a small blood clot, but that is worse than a large one, as it can travel quickly, unlike a large clot.
    She is going to Nuffield Hospital on Monday for a full CT scan. She has been put on blood thinner drugs, and now has to carry a card with her in case she bleeds.

    Both Debbie, her husband, children and JR and I are absolutely devastated - never would we have thought this could happen.
    She is supposed to be flying to Mexico in a few weeks to celebrate a BIG birthday! I don't know if this will now be allowed.
    Blimey - having a large family sure brings lots or worry for me at times.
    I sure hope that you wear your compression stocking and obey the quacks - NO MORE long drives for you my dear pal! Take it easy from now on.
    A big hug coming your way (((((xxx))))).

    All this stress has made the dreaded IBS rear it's ugly head again, JR has been called back for another CT scan - some abnormality has been detected.
    I'm drained - has anyone invented a strap-on toilet to the arse yet? I would deffo buy one - and use it well!

    I think we should all have a wee toast -

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    OMG Trish - that is very serious & worrying indeed. I don't believe she'll be flying anywhere (nor should she!) soon I'd be very surprised if they allowed that.
    I've been lucky that mine is only a SVT. Certainly hope they are able to dissolve her clot ASAP.
    Sorry to hear you & JR are having further probs also, & all the best.
    Contact NASA for a strap on toilet - I'm sure they'd have something suitable!
    Cheers for the drinks.

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Hi everybody. Sorry to read your bad news Trish, I hope that things go well with your daughter and that you & JR soon get back to good health.
    Regarding Old's comment about NASA & toilets it reminded me of this from The Big Bang Theory.


    Meanwhile back on planet Earth here are a few videos I took whilst at this last weekends Folk Festival.










    Please forgive the dodgy camera work, hope you enjoy

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Here's hoping things have cooled off a bit for everyone suffering the side effects of life. Trish, take it easy, I can't rid the world of this stuff alone - Name:  gentleman-jack_0.jpg
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Size:  63.9 KB
    But I will try in an emergency.

    Old, here is Sadie and her BFF -
    Name:  Sadie7-8-183.jpg
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Size:  121.4 KB
    I finally have the yard equipment running and I'm beginning to get things in the jungle cut down. I went to the reunion dinner Saturday. The graduates from the local schools get together the second Saturday in June and have supper and visit. People come from all over. The lady who traveled the furthest this year came 1350 miles. We have had people come from Hawaii, but alas they have passed on.

    Today is a pleasant day with a light breeze and cooler temperatures.
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    I YDC, Do you?

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all

    Hey booksie - I remember that Big Bang episode!
    Looks like the festival was a huge hoot, & a very colourful happy scene, with a large crowd it seems.
    Loved what Banter, & Leva & Calcagno did, especially the young guy playing clawhammer style banjo!

    Wyo - cheers for the pic of Sadie & her bestie playin' frisbee & also for your friend "Jack"

    OK - here I go again with another reso choon I hope you enjoy - you may all remember this (I hope)


    BTW - I did secure that other "new" 1930's geetar on Sunday & it should be on the way from Melbourne shortly. (here's a pic)

    Name:  Regal1.jpg
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Name:  Sdie7-08-18.jpg
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    I forgot this one of Sadie. I imagine she was saying - mine, all mine!

    ​Old your steel is good for this red neck gal's heart - love steel guitar.
    <a href=http://us.ebid.net/stores/Princess-Os-Treasures target=_blank><font color=#111111><span style=font-family: Tahoma>http://us.ebid.net/stores/Princess-Os-Treasures</span></font></a>

    I YDC, Do you?

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Great shot there Wyo - she's such a smart looking girl. I think she's saying - throw it for me Mom
    Glad you like my reso - will be adding more to that site from time to time. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Best wishes going out for Trish and Shes and anyone else who is under the weather. Take care of yourselves and bless all of my buddies here.

    I look forward to reading your messages and I appreciate the advice and support you all offer. This is better than FB if you ask me and nobody did.

    We have a cool wind this morning and Sadie and Atlas have been at it all ready. I bought them a tug toy yesterday when I went to the city. We celebrated Sadie's birthday last week, she is 1 year old now. So, I got her adult dog food and will begin mixing it with the puppy food today. I hope it is small bites, it felt like it through the bag. Sadie has an appointment to have her nails done on Friday. They've gotten kind of long. I have been trying to do it myself, but she just doesn't want to let me hold her paw that long and I have been making her stand still to be brushed, so it's one thing at a time and everything sticks to that long, soft fur of hers.

    The lady I have been trying to be helpful to here in town has gotten miffed at me, I guess. She told me she was not going to call me every night this summer on Friday, No call on Saturday and I called her on Sunday to ask a question. Then nothing since. She was going to ride home with me from the reunion and I took the car instead of the pickup. The PU is 4 wheel drive so I don't know if she can get in it easily. Anyway she drove her Jeep, but didn't say anything until I got there. No phone calls since. I have to admit, it is a relief. I was talking to the preacher's wife the other day and said I was glad the lady was trying to be more independent and the preacher's wife said she had been surprised that the lady lacked confidence. The lady also calls the preacher's wife every morning.

    I made 2 more coasters so now I have 8. 2 sets of 4 to sell I guess. I have been struggling with the bread again as I got a different brand of yeast last time. I went to town yesterday and I bought my old brand, so we'll see if it was the yeast or the wet weather. The wheat looks lovely, we need some hot dry weather now to ripen it. And of course, for the price to go up. Use flour!!

    I use Bailey's coffee creamer (non alcoholic) in my coffee. I have not been able to find it in Cheyenne. I went to King Soopers yesterday and they tell me they have discontinued it! Now what. They say they will special order it for me. That seems unhandy. Oh Woe is me.

    Last edited by wyocowgirl1; 13th June 2018 at 02:02 PM.
    <a href=http://us.ebid.net/stores/Princess-Os-Treasures target=_blank><font color=#111111><span style=font-family: Tahoma>http://us.ebid.net/stores/Princess-Os-Treasures</span></font></a>

    I YDC, Do you?

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Hey, all!!

    Ah, "Winter Winds" was just what I needed since it's been hot & humid here lately!! The house is in the shade so most of the time I can get by with the windows open and the ceiling fans on, but I had to "cave" and turn on the AC

    Old, sorry to hear about your mate's poor health.

    Penni - I'm sure you are excited about the new baby and hope everything goes well!!

    Trish asked "has anyone invented a strap-on toilet to the arse yet?" yep - over here we call them Depends! LOL!

    Wyo - loved seeing Sadie and her BFF!

    I'm really sorry to hear so many of us are going through health issues - really sucks!! (Can I say that word on here?)

    I have surgery on the 19th - it will be a full "neck fix" with bone grafts, a plate and screws. They will use my bone spurS (yes, my right side is starting to feel just like the left, so there's more than one) for the graft. Since I really have to behave myself for a few months until the grafts adhere, I've been going like a "bat outta hell" trying to get things done before I go. It will be outpatient surgery unless there are complications. But I'm not expecting any - when I went for my pre-op none of the nurses could believe I have no other health issues and kept saying "you'll be so easy!" LOL!!!

    Old - knowing myself, I did request to be sent home with a neck collar. My lifting limit is 8 lbs and since I'm used to toting 50 pound bags of feed and putting a 70 lb dog in the tub for a bath, I think the collar will serve as a good reminder to behave. I won't wear it all the time - just when I'm in a situation where I'm apt to forget that I have limits. Also, a friend of mine who had the same surgery said she wished she'd had one for the times when she wasn't able to go lay down, like the 2 hour drive home from the hospital. She said it would have prevented a lot of pain. Of course, I'll have to "bling it out" but there will be NO leash attached! LOL!!

    Well, lots to get done, so I'd better get to it! I'll pop back in to keep an eye on you all, so have lots of fun, misbehave some for me - but don't get caught! LOL!!


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