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Thread: Cocktails!!! and Music

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    In view of the eclipse on Monday and being told that 600,000 people are coming to view the eclipse I looked up a few facts. Wyoming is the 10th largest state in area and the least populated state with 6 people per square kilometer. The estimated population of Wyoming for 2017 is 595,153. Liz's husband tells me we will have 98.02467% here.. I will be in the house, I think. They also say on Monday there will be a plane landing at Cheyenne airport every 2 minutes.
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    I YDC, Do you?

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Wyo - perfect chance to have a big Ebid sign in the front yard, hand out pamphlets etc.

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Hello everyone!
    Ahhh - I can't believe my good luck!
    Dom is out for the night doing a disco and the little ones' mother has collected the girls, so there is only JR and me at home .... Yayy!

    Had a surprise- after I went to the opticians on Thursday.
    I have been moaning about my awful eyesight for a few weeks, everything looks surrounded by a mist.
    I thought my cataracts were coming back, but it turns out that the new lenses I had inserted a couple of years ago were collecting debris, and I have to have them lasered!
    What a turn-up, never thought that could happen but I sure am grateful that my eyes will be ok in the end.
    I really need to see clearly, especially when driving, and chauffeuring JR about.

    Wyo, don't miss the eclipse - but be sure to view through the solar viewing glasses.
    I remember all us lot were on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall to view the 1999 total solar eclipse, it was really eerie as everywhere went totally quiet, no birds singing. An experience to treasure. Just love seeing the pics of Sadie, she is just beautiful and will make you a wonderfully loyal, intelligent friend and companion.

    Shes - how did the CT scan go? Jolly good luck with your new book store and also with the house move business. Hope your internet service isn't spoiling things for you ..... keep up the pole dancing .... and you must teach me how to do the 'Ladder Dance' LOL!!!

    Now, me ole mate Old, you have totally put me off visiting Oz - crikey! Scared to death of them critters! Just loved the choons though, made me titter!
    Hope you are coping with the weather in your neck of the woods - 31C would suit me just fine (being totally tropical!).
    Here in Suffolk we are experiencing horrendous winds which have blown all the garden furniture over and flattened a lot of my taller flowering plants like Gladioli, and I was really upset when my Tropicanna Gold Canna Lily was blown over just as flowers were opening.
    How's the geetar sesh's?

    Books, you do an amazing job with your fundraising and also provide us all with such a diverse list of choons to listen to.
    Now, I feel a kinda 'heavy' choon is necessary - and as I so miss my my dear pal and landlord of this Cocktail Lounge, here is one for you Al!

    Posbear ...... come back, we (I especially) miss you and your music choices very much.

    Right - off now guys, but I will leave you with some cocktails ....

    Name:  cockerels.JPG
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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldandintheway View Post
    Must be warm out Wyo's way! Frog dog position is best for cooling down the belly.
    It was for Jake until he learned to lay on his back, belly up and now he's learned he can scratch his back that way too! Forget the "Alligator Crawl" dance, he does the Alligator Backstroke clear across the length of the rug, gets up and starts over at the other end. He used to fall totally asleep on his back, paws up in the air, until we started laughing at him.

    WYO - I'm with you on the eclipse! It will be directly over Nashville and NO WAY am I getting close to that place - I'm hearing it's already a zoo up there. I'll see enough of it right from where I'm at! People spending $1,000+ per night just to park a camper!!

    TRISH - Home alone?!?!? Good for you - I hope you both got some rest! Have them install some mini windshield wipers when they laser your lenses!! Mom just had both of hers done and had drainage tubes put in for her glaucoma. The tubes work so well that she has to just moisture drops now - which are much better than the other 4 kinds of drops she was using daily. One of the drops she was using made her hair get really curly - but only on one side of her head - go figure!!

    The CT scan was strange.... never had one done where they used a "contrast" fluid and thank goodness they warned me that it would make me hot, taste "metal" in my mouth and make me "think" I was going to pee my pants!! Thankfully they don't use the radioactive contrast any more or I would have been glowing in the dark! LOL!! They will send results to the doctor in Franklin and I guess I'll get a call for another appointment - wonder how long that will take this time???

    I'll start the "Ladder dance" tomorrow. We went to look at an old (1930's) house that a friend wants to tear down early this morning and it was too hot to get on the roof by the time we got back. IF all goes well with the place next door, we'll probably do it, as we'll have a place to store the lumber in the dry until we can find a buyer. Reclaimed lumber is bringing some pretty good prices these days, especially 17" wide white pine and the tongue & groove pine floors & ceilings. Not to mention all the old "junque" he still has left in the house

    Thanks for the cocktails but I've got plenty of those kind around here. 6 Rhode Island Red roosters need to go into the freezer but I don't have time to butcher now so they will probably get turned out with the other roosters, as I need the pen so I can separate my bantys and baby chicks. I had planned to sell the RIRs, a couple of speckled banty roosters and a starter flock of Barred Rocks that were hatched out - until I found out that you can't sell critters on the FB Sale groups any more Have no idea where the Red Stars that "adopted" me are going to go....

    BOOKS - again, I'm sorry I won't be able to participate in YDC this month - just way too much going on here but please remind me when it's over so I can send a donation if I forget!!

    120 books to photo and list and then I'll be done with that job, until I get time to list the ones I have that never got listed yet. It's a lot easier to copy/paste info from one site to another than to start from scratch - need to do at least 12 per day if I'm going to make the deadline.

    Off to do some relists and then it will be time to think about supper - I guess it will have to be fried potatoes and eggs, as we've got plenty of both and I forgot to take something out of the freezer.

    Y'all take care!!


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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all

    Trish - thanks for the Zep number, those were the days! Hope the flush out went well?
    Sounds like you'll be seeing as good as my avatar shortly!
    Don't mind 31c either - BUT this is winter so what's summer gonna be like!
    Already have had to spray one hairy eight legged intruder who decided to take over my bath tub

    Shesa - my old red dog used to do that - I called it the "dead dog" position!
    I've had a couple of the radio scans way back & its not a nice feeling - was years before I stopped triggering the metal detectors at the airport & opening automatic garage doors when I walked past!

    Well I've gone & done it again! Yes 2 more geetars on the way from Florida shortly. (it's an illness I tell you)
    First is a very rare 1946 Kiesel (now Carvin) bakelite body lap steel which had a very limited production. It's thought there's only about a dozen left in existence.
    Second is a 1941? Oahu Diana Deluxe lap steel in spectacular original condition, including case & accoutrements. Now all I have to do is win Lotto.
    Name:  17081_sl1600_2.jpg
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Size:  23.8 KBName:  17081_sl1600_1_7.jpg
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    Thumbs down Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Some fancy guitars there Old, and I thought I had an obsession collecting vinyl!

    Trish, hope you don't have to wait too long for the laser treatment and that you & JR keep on the mend. It was good to be reminded of Al, wonder what he's up to these days, still bashing out the cymbals ?

    Anyway how about a few more tunes?

    Max Webster saw them supporting Rush late seventies

    Dan McCafferty great cover version of the Stones original by Nazareth front man

    George & Gwen McCrae Never understood why this wasn't a big hit here, played it many many times as a DJ

    David MacWilliams a gentle ballad by the guy who wrote The days of Pearly Spencer

    Medicine Head not their biggest hit but maybe the best groove

    Michaela Strachan an eighties cover of the Edwin Starr hit

    Middle of the road another non charting single that I purchased

    Mike Cotton Jazzmen Sandy Nelson meets Trad Jazz from 1963

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Hey all

    Yes Books! - it could be worse, we could be collecting sports cars!
    Good selection of choons there! some I've heard of - some not.

    Here's a choon I'm liking a lot ATM from his 23rd. & new album "Life is Fine" by Paul Kelly. Track is called Finally Something Good.


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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Hey Old, that Paul Kelly track won't play over here, though a couple others do I like this one from the same album. His sounded familiar to me so I had to google him and I saw he was in the Dots who I remember selling their albums way back when in my early days working in record shops.

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Quote Originally Posted by booksntings View Post
    Hey Old, that Paul Kelly track won't play over here, though a couple others do I like this one from the same album. His sounded familiar to me so I had to google him and I saw he was in the Dots who I remember selling their albums way back when in my early days working in record shops.
    That's a shame Books - it's my pick off the album so far, although they're all good, & back to his older type stuff - Yeah!
    The Dots go back so far, I don't recall them! That was very early in his career.
    This is his 23rd album & the first time he has reached number one on the ARIA charts (Australian Record Industry Awards), so it's bound to be a good one!
    Vika Bull's contribution is outstanding, as usual. I just had to buy the album, & it's on the way.

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Not once - but twice!


    What a turkey!

    Name:  funny_turkeys2.JPG
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