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Thread: Cocktails!!! and Music

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    We made a run over to the Vet's last night, Sadie has an UTI. While we were there, she got her second set of puppy shots so we don't have to go back for anything like that for 4 weeks. She started getting antsy about 6:30 and then up chucked her dog food, so I decided to go get her antibiotics before she got any worse. I suppose we could have gone today, but I think I'm seeing some progress now and we don't need to interrupt the training, it is going very well.

    Glad to see everyone drifting back in.

    Well, nap attack is over.

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    I YDC, Do you?

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Quote Originally Posted by Maelbrigda View Post
    Books - you had a dancette at just 8! I had to wait till i was 14. Long after they had gone out of fasion

    The Dansette was my third player, I got my first player aged around 4, one of those little plastic novelty players along with a selection of 5" coloured vinyl singles of nursery rhymes and cartoon songs. My first proper player at 5 was given to me by a friend of the family who knew I was already crazy about records it was a Phillips single play one with the speaker in the lid. At the same time an older cousin gave me a bunch of her singles that she no longer wanted.

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    I wish I had a video camera last night, but it was probably too dark anyway. My 10 week old Australian Shepherd was herding cats. The geese were moved so she now has run of her yard and we are progressing with re-potty training and a little black stripey kitty came over from the neighbors to the west, made it all the way over to the east side of the deck and Sadie decided she wasn't having it and began some herding moves and got the cat back over to the west side of the yard, clear to the fence. It hid under a volunteer tree and I with ball and frisbee was completely ignored.

    I hope everyone is well! Don't make me worry about you guys. Please!
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    I YDC, Do you?

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Hello everyone!

    Aww, Wyo, your gorgeous Shepherd doggie sure seems to be doing a super job! Her training is doing great by the sounds of it!

    All good here, JR is recovering well, and I'm doing fine - so no worrying here !

    Sorry this is rather a brief visit, hopefully I will be popping in tomorrow to see if anyone has left any delicious food here!
    I'm in a bit of a 'can't be bothered to eat' mode - maybe it's because I'm fed up to the teeth with cooking for everyone.
    I would like a meal shoved in front of me - any offers?

    Now, just behave yourselves, no pole vaulting or dancing on the tables - unless you shout for me first!

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    G'day all

    Just a quick visit from me also - too much to do 'round here ATM

    Great to hear all going well there Trish
    WYO - told you those doggies just love to work. It's a natural born instinct in them. If they can't round something up - they'll chew footwear!

    Well, well, well - would you Adam & Eve it! - I just had a letter for a consultation appointment at RBH (Royal Brisbane Hosp.) about my hernia op!
    And here I was thinking they'd forgotten me! - NO such luck I guess - It's only taken 2 years to get to this stage! SO! - not to be outdone!

    I'm seriously thinking of opening another store! ??? I have an accumulation (not a collection) of world coins, & thought I may try listing them!
    Anybody with helpful advice or constructive criticism is welcome to comment.

    It's difficult to believe that we are still in our winter period, & yet it will reach 30c here today! The poor plants think spring has sprung & everything is out of whack!

    Here's an old Elvis choon I'm thinking of turning into a lap steel geetar number? This version done by Aussie band The Blackeyed Susans


  6. #19206

    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    I'm just popping in here too!! Crazy busy these days!!

    Glad to hear everybody is doing well...

    WYO - I'm so happy that you have Sadie! My Jake (dingo/heeler) was raised with cats and he "herds" them around the house and grooms them too!

    TRISH - glad to hear you & JR are recovering and doing fine, respectively! I'll probably be doing a bit of pole dancing, as I climb up to hard to reach areas of the porch that still need painted. I'll also be doing a "ladder dance" as I've discovered a leak in the other house roof and have to get up there and reseal the whole thing. You've been "shouted at" - LOL!!! Sorry I have no food to offer - I've been in a "can't be bothered to cook" mood. Fortunately we've got a great little Pizzeria halfway between here and town that offers a wide variety of take out food so we aren't starving.

    OLD - I've just opened another store myself. A place I sold books on for years is closing down the end of the month and I had 170 listed there that I needed to transfer (plus a ton more that have never been listed) so I just decided to open Woodhaven Book Nook. I didn't find the Help section to be of much help for the questions I had, so I've mostly poked buttons to see what happens, but I just got it online last night and got some books listed. I think I have 131 listings left to transfer and books to move from WH Treasures. And a friend stopped by yesterday and wants to give me all the books his daughter had but I asked him to wait until after the possible move. But, if you have any questions just PM me and I'll try to help.

    Have a doctor appointment today and finally after 3 weeks, a CT scan scheduled for Friday morning. Sometime this week a lady is supposed to come out and take pictures of the place but she'd better hurry as the week is half over!!

    Off to transfer some more books....

    Y'all take care!!


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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Old - here is a picture of the 3rd thing Sadie is good at -
    Name:  Sadie816173.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  37.2 KB

    Shesa - good to see you
    Trish - so glad to hear you & JR are better!!!

    Going to work on my web sites, Sadie is sharpening her nap skills.

    <a href=http://us.ebid.net/stores/Princess-Os-Treasures target=_blank><font color=#111111><span style=font-family: Tahoma>http://us.ebid.net/stores/Princess-Os-Treasures</span></font></a>

    I YDC, Do you?

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    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Hey all

    Wyo - she's still a baby, & babies need their naps! After busy round up & chewing sessions that is!

    Cheers Shesa - I'm hoping by the time I've organized it all, the proposed site upgrade will be finished?
    I have a lot of books as well but, they are a heavy item to post, & the outrageous shipping costs down here, put paid to that idea!

    Getting to 31c today - tis the season to start watching out for nasty bitey things like poisonous spiders & snakes coming out of dormancy!

    A choon on the subject!



  9. #19209

    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    WYO's got a "frog dog"! Jake lays that way sometimes too - LOL!! They look so silly that way.

    OLD - Books are hard to sell these days because everybody wants them on Kindle. But there are people who do like actual books and if I sell one or two a month at least they are moving. I can't bring myself to toss them all into the burn pile. We have media rate here which is a lot cheaper than shipping regular mail. It's good for CDs, DVDs, magazines (as long as they have out of date coupons) as well as actual books but only for shipping within the US.

    Finally got internet....it hasn't rained here but it's raining somewhere and blocking the signal, so I'm going to try to get more listed.

    Y'all take care!!


  10. #19210

    Default Re: Cocktails!!! and Music

    Must be warm out Wyo's way! Frog dog position is best for cooling down the belly.

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