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Thread: What Items do sell on eBid

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    I sell mainly clothes, and have done quite well with them. I have also listed things that i wasn't sure whether they would sell or not, and they have, so it's pot luck really.
    Things are slower here, and although you need a bit of patience i think it's worth it.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by starlady22 View Post
    I sell mainly clothes, and have done quite well with them. I have also listed things that i wasn't sure whether they would sell or not, and they have, so it's pot luck really.
    Things are slower here, and although you need a bit of patience i think it's worth it.

    Good luck



    Looking at your listings which you list over several categorys, and you are in the main stay of eBids customer appeal. You offer quality pre owned clothes and what I would consider special purchase sale items all at very competitive prices. If I took a guess I would say you are a hobby seller and enjoys what you do on eBid and you are doing it very professional way. You are the sort of seller that made eBay a household name and eBay have now turned their backs on.

    It is the type of categorys you list in, they have that bargain appeal and are maintained by enthusiastic individuals. The category I have listed in, consumer electronics Disco, which has very few preowned bargains. It is used by professional traders as a extension of their shop window and sellers who are private sellers who have gained access to a distributor (when I was in the trade these were known as the garden shed brigade that was before the days if internet sales). After I browsed the first few pages I came to the conclusion that there were no bargains to be had, a lot of the goods appeared to be grey or b stock from a well known far East import trade house being offered by private traders, at wellover the odds, there was a lot of A grade also above the RRP dumped on the site in the hope that a punter would come a long and buy, the odd few pre owned bargains, the sellers seemed reluctant to post the item and it was collection only although wide spread sales ability but limited buyers. I can understand the reluctance to post heavy items. for a once in a while private seller, the effort in packing and getting to the carrier compared with someone knocking on your door, seeing it works and taking it away. Unless the category I have listed in gets those enthusiastic individual sellers, buyers that have viewed that category before know the are no bargains to be found, and visit once in a blue moon and new buyers will look at the first few listings and soon find out the bargains are not to be had, and become an old hand and visit the category on the odd occasion. This is what is happening on eBay, buyers are trawling through listing after listing of the identical 99 pence far East item and giving up before they find the odd bargain. Ebay seems to have structured their business on major high turnover account holders rather than the individual account holder that made eBay. By the way your avitar is cute.


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    In sheer quantity, our best sellers are coins and stamps. We have also sold old banknotes, LP records, souvenir glasses, old bottles, art prints, used books, cameras, and various vintage decorative items.

    As for how long to wait . . . we sold a camera last week that had been listed on *Bay for over two years, and listed here for almost two years. All our items are collectibles, very much a discretionary purchase, so we wait as long as we have to. Which is the best reason to be on eBid.

    We couldn't afford to list on *Bay anymore because our sales had dropped to zero during the last three months we were there. That, of course, made the move very easy.

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    I understand what you meant and will answer with my opinion. Others will give you theirs.

    Selling techniques are different here. Best brush up on forum tips to see what tweeks you can make to make the sales come. Generaly speaking, if you get NO views your things are not being downloaded/appearing on google. You need to use the buy it now option for ebid to download. That might be the problem. I also recommend you set your automatic relists within listings at 10 automatic. This tells google you plan to keep listings on for a while. All that will bring traffic from google, our largest source of buyers. But also work to get ebid members to look (add link to your posts), contact old feebay buyers, and do some clever marketing on your own. Work on all of these too.

    How well ebid is doing depends on who you ask as you found out here. Sales continue to increase monthly, in double digits, and listings increase. Ebid is #1 feebay alternative. Many of us have daily sales, and do so by following the tips on the forums. Potential is growing daily here. i.e. google has more hits/daily users than feebay.

    What sells? My vintage linens sell well, vintage cookbooks are steady sales too. Needlework items, old and new, seem to sell well. So does old sheet music. Unusual items seems to sell very fast. i.e. vintage altar cloths were gone in a few hours, old fashioned cloth doll in prairie clothes sold like gangbusters too. You can only try the items you have to sell. And remember, unlike feebay, we pack our stores full, each of us has lots of listings. That increases chances of google attention, and the buyers love having all the choices. Many buy multiples (so have a multiple shipping price worked out).

    Make the items you put on attractive to buyers too. Have lots of different types, sizes, colors, prices. Use fair shipping. Clean out the closets and pack your listings full. Make sure your items are on google, make sure your terms/listings are attractive and filled with info (google shoppers are not feebay buyers, they like lots of info on the items). Then you will sell all those extra bits and bobs well here.

    Someone is always here to help you. Welcome to ebid.

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    Hi Graham, good observation. She has worked hard to make her listings/items appealing to buyers and is selling those items. Some may say why bother to work so hard when you can sell with no effort on the other side. But most will tell you its a satisfying challenge to make a go of it here. Many are doing it now, and passing any tricks they learn along. That makes it easier for those coming after us too.

    Finding what appeals to buyers in different categories is another challenge. As you say some, like electronics, are a harder sell. Lots of reasons, higher price, problem of scams, fewer repeat customers (who needs two computers, those who sell coins/stamps can have frequent buyers from regular customers), industry us changing fast with new products, etc, harder to buy for resell and make good profit, etc. Takes more energy to turn those sales around.

    feebay did make numerous changes to their selling directions that, I assume, they felt would make their business grow. Did not work, sales are at 6 year low. Lately , I think this was done with real arrogance, they have always set the pace for online auctions and felt any decisions they made would be the correct ones. "We" can't make mistakes attitude. Not only were small sellers hurt by the decisions, but so was feebay. And gone are the days of being the trendsetter, with everything they touch turn to gold: GM deal failed, fashion feebay failed, classified listings failed. Losing small sellers because of their business decisions impacted them too. I think the management is genuinely shocked at the failures and can't understand why. But they lost their way when they began to hurt smaller sellers in favor of larger ones (who could line their pockets faster). Someday marketing classes will be teaching how not to run a huge business into the
    ground, with feebay as the #1 example. Books will be written on the faulty thinking that led to the company failing.

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    I am finding that now I have made a few sales, and been on here a little while, I am getting more bids and whatnot. Persevere.

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    Hi- I agree with xcessbaggage. It takes time. I've been on this site for five years and havent sold anything but sold plenty on another site. If you are just clearing out things then when someone wants to buy it they will. You never know, you might end up becoming a pro seller : ) Good Luck!

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    As many people have stated, there isnt any secret formalar, its about persistance, hard work and really keeping on top of what you are selling and what you are looking to get out of it.

    Tweaking ad's, price, description, may help but it often take time to sell products, great if your products sell straight away but realistically it doesnt happen like that, and yes I have sold plenty on "the other site" but I have been a member for a number of years and only recently joined eBid.

    Keep plugging away, got to be in it, to win it..


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    Hi, I wonder if you could help - on one of the forum messages above it mentions putting items in batches and using templates and also putting a link in listings enabling browsers to join Ebid dirct from your pages - can you tell me how to do this - or where to look to do this. I have struggled to use Ninja.

    Many thanks.

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    If I knew what sold in Millions do you really think I would tell anyone else? Sorry Just seems a stupid question to me. You could sell Blackjacks (4 for a 1p) and have a great feedback rating but how much profit have you made? Or you could sell a Rolls Royce and make 1000's profit! Its not about how many you sell its about Profit!

    Vintage Mechanical and Quartz Watches
    and collectables

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    Why not visit my New Store. Where you will find almost anything


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