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Thread: Is PPPay better than paypal?

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    Default Is PPPay better than paypal?

    Hi have just joined a couple of days ago and was wondering what the differences are between the two..unlil i joined ebid i never heard of pppay! what are the fees like?

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    A few people seem to like it, but I think they're in a minority. I don't, and wouldn't, use it - too many problems seen reported on here. No idea what the fees are - I wouldn't use it even if it was free I'm afraid. Lots of hassle and lousy support IMO.

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    Thanks for the info i will have to look into it further before i make my decision to keep it or not! anyone else have any comments?

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    i used it..then removed it..wasnt great and was not that popular..

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    The fees are listed on the PPPay home page.

    It is nice if transferring funds between two PPPay accounts as there are no fees. Other than that there is not a lot to recommend it. Too complicated for buyers using it for the first time - who think they have paid but in fact have not until they complete a (non-refundable) penny check. The buyer also has to pay a fee to send money - which many do not like.

    Rather like a toy a child has lost interest in. A pity, as a good alternative to PayPal (within the EU at least) would be a blessing.

    Support Your Country.

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    For anyone who maintains a positive pppay balance to buy/sell on eBid then it's great - for everyone else it's a bit crap and in no way comparable to paypal.

    They're supposedly controlled by the eBid site owners but no-one has notified them of the site re-brand judging upon their outdated home page logo

    This screenshot shows the fees for UK buyers/sellers (yes it really would cost a newbie 0.49 extra to buy something from you and it would cost you a minimum of 0.75 to withdraw your money):

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    hmmm....I think i may remove this option....seems like a no win way to trade on both sides.thanks for the info guys!! you're all great!!

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    If you are selling high value / high risk items then the Escrow feature may be useful.

    Support Your Country.

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