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Thread: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Attennnnshun ! Yoohoo, I'm back, and fried to a crisp ! Not a drop of rain on Jersey all week and they declared it a drought area last Wednesday. Of course I had to visit all the local taverns to keep hydrated ! I even braved swimming in the sea it was that hot ! Got some recruiting done while I was there, business cards handed out and managed to cool off down the Jersey war tunnels which were fascinating.

    Also did the bunker museum and Elizabeth castle so am now well versed in the Jersey military history ! Managed to find the huge Jersey hospice charity shop which was on a farm in the middle of nowhere so have also brought back some more stock.

    Lovely to see a photo of our latest cadet Private Wicca.

    Now who was on guard duty while I was away ? (She said scowling around looking for someone to blame !) Why did I have to race to the post office on my first morning back in barracks ?!
    Just as well I have to go out to a friend's tonight for a little liquid refreshment to get over the shock of it being so lax here while I've been away !

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Always wanted to visit Jersey or Guernsey but himself not interested......

    Not going to be a quiet day as we discovered there is a slight damp problem with the door step into the MH - so much so that the whole step was rotten and now we have a hole!
    A friend is coming to help with the repair work today so hopefully won't take too long.

    I'm having a mug of tea and pondering what's going to happen next....

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Good morning! Left tea and coffee in the canteen. And croissants. We are having guests for lunch, so will spend a lot of time cooking (as one does) See you tomorrow

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Thanks Meebo for the croissant, really fancied one when saw an advert with them in. so you have really helped.

    Glad Sgt you had a good time in Jersey.

    Have caught up on the relists, again.

    Hope everyone has managed to keep cool,

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Anniemcc2 View Post
    Always wanted to visit Jersey or Guernsey but himself not interested......

    I was surprised at how good the shopping centre was in St Helier Private Mcc2, in some ways it was better than Bath ! The cost for things there is about the same as the U.K. but the petrol was cheaper and because everybody drives at 30mph you use very little. I've never met such courteous drivers anywhere else, if you are trying to get out of a side turning people just stop and let you out and it's the same if you are a pedestrian trying to cross a road.
    It's such a pretty place with amazing scenery as when the tide goes out there is about 20% more land ! I think my favourite place was the Devil's Hole on the north of the island the views from there were spectacular and there's a good pub for a pint when you get back to the top ! They had goats grazing the cliffs around there to, how they keep their balance is flabbergasting.

    Now where is Private Buttons ? Has she gone AWOL again or has her one typing finger on her left hand also packed up ?!

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