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Thread: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Penni, I have my two little granddaughters here a lot - as my son lives with me since his wife ditched him. Isla is 4 and a half, Ava is 3 in May.
    They are like two Tasmanian devils .... some evenings I walk about like an ape, dragging my arms on the floor I'm so bushed! They are hard work, but every moment with them is precious. They show their love for me so much, it just melts me.

    Just heard from my sister Karen that our other sister is doing OK. She had to have one leg amputated a little while ago, and yesterday she had to have her other leg amputated. It has been a nightmare for her and all her family- as if losing mum and all the funeral and property sale arrangements weren't enough to cope with, we have had the worry and upset of our sister losing both her legs. Dark times for us all.
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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Trish am so sorry for you & your sister.

    It seems we are all suffering so many set backs, Besides coping with Nigels Dads death, we now have my daughter in hospital, in Hampshire she went for tests & they kept her She is apparrantly bright yellow & they have done MRI & there is no blockage, so won't be able to visit but at least can talk to her with messages. We are hoping to get the car serviced &MOT tomorrow. & at the same trip we are hoping we can go & find out about Nigels Dads accounts.

    Also today we had discuss the service & Mum was finding it hard going, Nigel & I are holding on but at time feels by a thin thread, have discovered today that some of the people Mum was going to let know hasn't done so so have been on the phone again.

    As for the snow, this part of Somerset came to a halt on Monday, & on the hills its still around.

    We hope everyone is coping with all the problems we seem to all have.

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Oh dear, hugs all round needed methinks (as long as you don't think Sergeant Major Cornish is going soft, I've got a reputation to maintain you know !)

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Virtual hugs from me too. You think you have a lot of pain in your life then you hear of others sorrow. Hope you both make it through.
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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Reading all the above makes my back ache/leg cramps seem very minor in the bigger scheme of things.

    I'm loading the motorhome this morning ready for tomorrow - just hoping the walking/stretching etc. will help loosen things up a bit.

    Hugs to you all

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Mornin' troops. Had a direct hit from Sweden yesterday but I might be able to fight them off as they haven't paid yet (sigh !) so I might be able to retain my precious listing. Tut, they must have thought they could get away with it as we have had a few flakes of snow over here recently !

    Listing numbers at the moment

    ​Not looking forward to the dentist trip this afternoon.

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