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Thread: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Anniemcc2 View Post
    This is silly - can't sleep. Been up since 2am
    Forgot to take some Nytol last night - awake since 2am again

    So I've been plugging the YDC around t'internet and added a few listings. Time now for some toast and more tea.

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Good morning! Our SatNav is playing up again. Spent two hours last night updating it and then it just tells me No maps found! I was too tired last night to deal with it so that is something else I will have to spend time on. It is very necessary driving around London, unless you drive a taxi, though I suspect even they now have such a device. Off to the canteen now for some coffee. I will need it to keep my eyes open

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