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Thread: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Morning - a sort-of blue sky and sunshine here as well in Mid Wales.

    Today will be sort/empty the fridge/freezer day - i.e. getting rid of bottles of half-used sauces and taking the ones that are still OK over to the Old Sailor's fridge! Freezer stuff can then be moved into the big freezer so that we can switch everything off and let it defrost whilst away.

    Why does packing for a trip take so long to organise/do? I keep remembering the oddest things 'must take that' / 'no, won't need that' ... Must be an age thing!

    Speak later.

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    I'm bad enough packing for just a couple of days in Cornwall Private Mcc2 let alone a long trip !

    I hope O/H makes a speedy recovery Private Meebo. I expect he's worn out from your trip and the string of visitors, tell him to take it easy.

    Well made the effort to get up early today and went to the car boot sale, I wish I hadn't, it was tiny and there wasn't really anything there just loads of children's clothes and toys and DVD's. There wasn't any decent pottery or collectables, even the plants were a bit pathetic. Has everybody left the country ?! O/H went out last night and he said the centre of Bath was really quiet for a Saturday night.

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Meebo hope OH will recover quickly think its a case once imune systoms are messed up, they pick things up Somer does, & as Sgt said you have been busy with trip & visitors so he has probab;y over done it.

    Sorry your trip to car boot wasn't worth it, we thought about it but will wait till the Bank Holiday ones, thats next weekend, gosh this month has gone so fast. lets hope the weather will be good for that weekend

    Did manage to list 10 yesterday, & now am going to list again, it won't last. Somer is scanning PC at present to list.

    Hope your orginizing goes well for your trip Annie

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    I am hoping to S E L L at car boot sale next weekend. If I sold every book that I don't want to keep for a penny, I'd be rich! There are also a few other bits and bobs I want to take, just to get a bit more space.

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    Default Re: Over half a million auctions at last!!!!

    Up to 350 now. At this rate I'll be back at 3500ish by Christmas
    In between listing i've been making Christmas Cards. Most for me but some to sell and I finally tackled a never ending card. My first version was too thick and lop sided but by 2nd go i had the hang of it.
    Hope you are all having a fair Sunday. It finally stopped raining here early this morning so the next big job is to tackle the out of control huge buddelia bush.
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    Please have a look. I combine postage wherever possible.

    & a link to my other account http://uk.ebid.net/users/wiccabasketuk Pagan and Wiccan items

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