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  • Smart ways to source products offline to stock your eBid Store

    Smart ways to source products offline to stock your eBid Store

    When you’re looking for new products to sell in your eBid Store, have you ever thought to look close to home? Something that’s found in your locale could be just what a collector in another part of the world is searching for.

    Turn your weekend into a Busman’s Holiday and combine searching for new products with having a bit of fun.

    We give you our Top 5 ways to find something new for your shop.

    1. Vinyl Records

    Vinyl Records. Hunt in the loft, ask your neighbours, go to record fairs, charity shops and get them from friends. Unless they’re in the know, most people think vinyl holds no value, and will be glad to offload it. If you’re very lucky, you’ll come across Madonna’s Erotica picture disc from 1992 worth £2000, but generally, most special editions, picture discs, coloured vinyl, or signed sleeves, especially from big artists command a decent price. Be discerning, do the research and you might find some that will hit the jackpot.

    2. Old photos, postcards and letters

    There’s something incredibly appealing about old photos, postcards and letters. Ever seen those embroidered postcards the soldiers stationed in France during World War II sent back home to their British and American sweethearts and mothers? Old letters – even bills and invoices in beautiful handwriting, and photos capturing everyday life from decades past are collectable as we all love to get a glimpse of the good old days. If you can find any of these in auction job lots or at fairs, there’s a worldwide market for them from collectors and craftspeople.

    3. Factory outlet stores

    If you keep an eye on factory outlet stores, you can scoop up items slashed in price, especially during sale times – from cashmere gloves and scarves to branded cosmetics, there can be lots of room for profit. Look out for the more well-known names as they’ll command a better price for re-sale.

    4. Church jumble sales and fêtes

    Church jumble sales and fêtes can still be a great place to find interesting bric-a-brac for re-sale – especially those in affluent towns and villages where there’s a high population of older residents. Search through tins of jewellery to find sparkly 1950s brooches, look for bone china trios (teacup, saucer and side plate) from renowned makers, big skeleton keys or vintage comics in good condition; hidden among the old toys might be a properly old Sindy or Barbie doll. After a proper rummage sit back and treat yourself to a good cup of tea and some home baking too.

    5. Craft fairs and artisan shops

    Craft fairs and artisan shops can be great places to pick up unique items to re-sell. Find someone’s work you are drawn to and ask if they do trade or wholesale pricing. Smaller craftspeople could be happy to strike up a deal if you buy as little as a six to a dozen items of their novelty candles, handmade baby wear or unusual jewellery, and while the mark-ups
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