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  • Is your eBid shop ready for Christmas?

    Is your eBid shop ready for Christmas?

    Every shop has given over their last available inch to Christmas stock to maximize sales in this “Golden Quarter” – the last three months of the year when festive purchases are made hand over fist – so it’s time for you to think like the big boys and put the work in now so you can reap the rewards later.

    Catch some early Christmas shoppers.

    For most, it’s easier on the wallet to begin shopping in November, so make sure your eBid shop is Christmas ready now so you don’t lose out on sales. It’s when the majority of the bigger purchases are made, with last-minute and add-on gifts bought in December.

    What to Sell?

    Perhaps you didn’t open that perfume gift set Aunt Barbara gave you last year. How about the Walking Dead DVD box set you’re not brave enough to watch, the jumper that still has the tags on because green isn’t your colour, the juicing machine that just didn’t fit your lifestyle or the duplicate toys your kids got on their birthday. If it’s new and unopened or BNWT (brand new with tags) and can be re-gifted, there’s every possibility someone will be keen to take it off your hands.

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

    A cupboard full of knick-knacks? Let’s think of them more in terms of “collectibles”. People all over the world are searching right now for that sought-after item that can’t be found in a shopping mall to gift wrap at Christmas to make someone smile; thimbles, vintage Disney, an autographed photograph, a vinyl album that brings back memories, old coins, a first edition book…you might think it’s worthless, but after a little bit of research you could be pleasantly surprised at the prices they can fetch.


    In an attempt to fully embrace the festivities of the season, more homes are decorating for Christmas in a big way. A few years ago oversized snowmen and light-up reindeer were only for National Lampoon’s movies, but now it’s not unusual to see homes completely festooned as early as November in an attempt to prolong the Christmas cheer. There are some who people shop for unusual Christmas decorations, baubles, wreaths and garlands all year round, and vintage Christmas decorations have an especially strong niche market.


    Take a look at your existing listings with an objective eye. A few tweaks to your descriptions, keywords, photos and product line can make all the difference – every big retailer makes continual improvements, so start thinking like a buyer and ask if you’ve done all you can. Start with a clear, bright photo taken in natural daylight if possible. Your description should try to pre-empt any questions a buyer might have and cover size and condition – don’t leave room for second thoughts or hesitation as we get closer to the Big Day or your sale might go to someone else.

    The Last Minute

    Check out your country’s Christmas postage cut-off dates so you’re not promising the impossible and also offer expedited delivery services for all those last minute buyers.
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