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  • eBid June 2017 Newsletter

    News from Gazza

    4,208,400 Live Listings
    28,079 Categories
    $3,936,854,353 Gross Listing Value

    Welcome to the eBid June 2017 Newsletter

    Once again eBid is proud to be the host to US Soccer and their magnificent auctions for charity. We have hosted US Soccer's auctions a few times now and are very happy to help them raise all the money they can.

    This time it is the U.S. Menís National Team autographed, game-issued and pride-inspired rainbow numbered jerseys from the June match vs. Venezuela which are now up for auction with all proceeds going to benefit the You Can Play Project.

    Bidding has been exciting to watch with many shirts already into the high hundreds of dollars with plenty more time to come. Most auctions have around 5 to 6 days remaining as we speak. If you wish to make a bid to help a great cause, visit US Soccer listings on eBid now.

    As we sweltered through one of the hottest June's on record here in the south of the UK, work on eBid hasn't let up at all. I'm happy to report the changes we made in early May to help with improving the loading speeds of our webpages have had the results we intended. Page load speed is one of the most important aspects when search engines decide on the rankings for their search results pages. Faster loading webpages are much preferred by both Google and Bing. Speed, together with our move to https (SSL SECURE) pages throughout the whole site have helped us increase page impressions over 15% this month alone and with that a similar increase in sales thoughout the eBid network.

    July will see the launch of our latest set of upgrades for eBid. They have been a long time coming but will see some much requested improvements come to life. The changes will include the following updates :

    PRODUCT VARIATIONS : Start a single listing with multiple variations of that product in one place. For example, different colours and sizes for a t-shirt can now be sold on a single listing without having to start separate listings for each size and colour.
    PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES : Many categories will now have the option of allocating specific traits or attributes to items for sale within them in order to help buyers searching or browsing to narrow down easily. For example, a video game can be given a genre, a parental rating, a console type and year of release.
    PHOTO ALLOCATION INCREASE : Gallery listings will be see the number of photos allowed increased from 5 to 15.
    CATEGORY CHOOSER IMPROVMENTS : When selecting a a category to list your item in you will now see a hierarchy tree view that allows you to select a top level category and then a second level and then a third etc. Currently a single dropdown menu with sometimes hundreds of options is used.
    HANDMADE CATEGORY LAUNCH : After many requests we will add Handmade Goods as a top level category.
    Other updates this month :

    BUGFIX - Some subcategory count numbers were incorrectly showing as zero
    BUGFIX - Listings I Ran - Unsold .... The export function was only exporting first page of results for some users
    BUGFIX - Listing Form > My Gallery overlay ... spinning icon was showing after images were uploaded and not refreshing
    BUGFIX - "Cancel Sale" option on auction sales was deleting winning bid and moving losing bids up
    BUGFIX - Photos that were upside down in raw format were not being auto-rotated when uploaded for gallery thumbnail size

    Selling Tips

    How to Make Sure Your Items Are Uploaded to Google Shopping
    One of the often heard questions we receive via Support is "Why can't I find my listings on Google Shopping?"

    eBid is an official Marketplace Partner of Google. We will upload your items to Google Shopping within minutes of you listing them. Simple as that? Well, almost - you do need to make sure that your items meet the criteria for uploading.

    1) Firstly, be an eBid SELLER+ account holder, or at the very least opt for Platinum status when posting single listings if you are not SELLER+.

    2) Basic criteria.

    Listings with at least 3 days remaining & BuyNow available and online payment accepted.

    All listings will require a least one photo image and have BuyNow Price above or equal to a value £1.00.

    Google use eBid listing titles as search criteria, so ensure your listing titles accurately reflect the items being listed. Donít use unnecessary characters or join words together using characters such as the tilde ~. One common mistake which will disqualify items is the overuse of capitalisation in your title. You should use capitals sparingly and only at the beginning of a sentence or word Ė ALL CAPITALS are not allowed.

    Make sure that you have provided the appropriate ISBN/UPC/EAN/MPC (barcode) and brand name. Note: If your item doesnít have a code or brand? Examples being custom made items, vintage and collectables. Not to worry, items marked as "Exempt" in the barcode field will also be uploaded.

    Why not take ten minutes to read through, and understand, the necessary criteria and make sure that your listings are
    "Google Shopping Ready" Ė it will be time well spent.

    Competition Time

    Last Month's Question :

    What's the new maximum number of general photo's SELLER+ accounts will be able to upload to a single eBid listing very soon?

    a) 10
    b) 12
    c) 15

    The correct answer was (c) over $3 billion. Congratulations go to ChrisJane from Powys, UK for winning last month's competition, your eBid Goodie Bag and iPod should be with you now.

    Now for this month's question :

    Which US national sporting team is running charity auctions on eBid currently?

    a) US Soccer
    b) US Basketball
    c) US Hockey

    To enter send us :
    Answer to the competition question
    Your eBid username
    Name and address for sending out any prizes
    Incomplete entries will be automatically deleted. Closing date 10th July 2017. Email answers to competitions@ebid.net

    Until next month,
    Gazza & Mark
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. AmeriCrafts's Avatar
      AmeriCrafts -
      You got last month's competition answer incorrect.
      It should be
      c) 15
      and not
      c) over $3 billion
    1. moonwitch's Avatar
      moonwitch -
      Quote Originally Posted by jeweleffects View Post
      You got last month's competition answer incorrect.
      It should be
      c) 15
      and not
      c) over $3 billion
      Noo---- how am I going to get by on less than 3 billion free photos
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