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  • How to source profitable products to sell online

    How to source profitable products to sell online

    Finding your inventory is not a simple task. It can make or break a storeís early life and, even if you are an established hand, could transform your profit margins for the better. Itís vital to find the right suppliers and, in the age of the internet, simpler than ever.

    Depending on what exactly you are looking for - which will be influence by factors including your budget and interest in your product - there are a variety of strategies that could be perfect for you. As experts in international trade, ParcelHero has worked with Small and medium-sized enterprises to grow their business using a variety of tactics and have shared some of their thoughts with us.


    eBid is a treasure trove of rare and valuable items. For savvy shoppers who are willing to spend some time sifting through the auctions, there are big savings on high profit items to be had. Be sure to check for auctions that are spelled badly or incorrectly categorised, as they often go for big discounts.

    Surplus stores

    The internet is not the only place you can find desirable items at a cheap price. Offline local surplus stores are a fixture the world over, offering customers the chance to get discounts on high quality goods. Youíre most likely to see military surplus stores, but they exist in many shapes and forms, with goods ranging from cosmetics to clothing.

    If youíre careful hunting around these stores, you can find a variety of high quality goods that can fetch a premium when selling them on. And if youíre a regular at the store, establishing a good rapport with the owner can not only improve your buying experience, but sometimes net you discounts on bulk orders. Once youíve trawled for deals, you can turn around and immediately sell the items at eBid to a vastly larger network of buyers from all over the world.
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. purplestevie's Avatar
      purplestevie -
      I was lucky enough several years ago to purchase several huge box loads of patterns, buttons, haberdashery etc from an old knitting shop. I was told i could fill a very large box for £5!!
    1. sammisales's Avatar
      sammisales -
      I found some really nice items at a good price on EBID. There are lots of lovely things for sale if you take the time to browse. It's easy to register so give it a go!
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