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  • Make Your Listing Grab Attention

    Three Ways to Make Your Listing Grab Attention at eBid

    When you’re listing items for sale at eBid, you’ll discover quite quickly that there are thousands upon thousands of items being posted every day. While you may have a unique item, how do you get the attention it deserves?

    It’s all about marketing.

    No, you might not be a marketer or have any sales experience (or even the desire to become a ‘salesperson’), but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some great advice to help you shape your listings in a way that garners attention and gets more people looking at it.

    Keep in mind that when more people look at your items for sale, you increase the prospect of bids. The more bids you get, the more you’re going to sell each item for.

    These 3 methods should help you craft more potent listings to set you on the path to increased eBid sales.

    1. Develop a Short and Succinct Title

    Your item’s name is only going to have so many characters that show up in search listings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on the right title.
    Depending on the items you’re selling, you may be limited in what you can actually call it. Leave out ‘Like New’ or ‘Amazing’ or ‘100% …’ from the title. Instead,
    just state clearly what you’re selling.

    1982 Armoire, great condition.
    Matchbox car set, mint.
    Beatles album, rare edition.

    As long as you state the item up front in the title, you’ll get people actually looking for it paying attention.

    2. Condense the Description into One Tight Sentence

    There might be many things you could say about this particular item, but get all of the most important key points condensed down to one sentence. Avoid run-on sentences, too.

    Why is this important? Basically people will read the first sentence and decide if it’s something of interest to them. If you can’t convince them this is the perfect item for them right away, they’ll probably click away.

    Think about 5 key selling points and include them in your description.

    This digital recorder uses 16-bit technology, offers 8 inputs, 2 aux outs, low noise and easy interfacing with most computer operating systems.
    From there, you expand upon that first sentence. By then you’ll have already hooked those interested in it.

    3. Clear Pictures

    You might be tempted to hide a blemish or scratch by taking a picture from a distance, but you should instead focus on making the item as large as possible. Present the best angle for the main photo and add as many other pictures to help show this items from every angle.

    When potential buyers can see the details visually, they’re more likely to make an offer. When you have more bids, it’s going to drive up the final sale price. That’s always a great benefit.
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