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  • eBid May 2017 Newsletter

    News from Gazza

    3,557,238 Live Listings
    28,074 Categories
    $3,957,981,432 Gross Listing Value

    Welcome to the eBid May Newsletter

    May has been a very busy month behind the scenes. Towards the beginning of the month we put in place some upgrades to the site that have helped increase page load speeds by up to 75%. The upgrade process went smoothly without a glitch, we hope none of you guys had any problems during the changes and that you are enjoying the improved performance of the eBid website worldwide.

    We're continuing to work on a huge upgrade to the site which will bring with it many improvements and new facilities. One of those will be the photo/image system. I'm happy to announce we'll be increasing the number of general photos you can place on a single listing to 15. This number does not include any photos that are assigned to different variations the listing may have. For example, let's say you have a t-shirt in 6 colours. You will be able to upload 6 photos (one for each of the different product variations) via our upcoming "Product Variation Wizard") plus your 15 general product photos making 21 in total in this example. All at no extra cost, still free to list and still only 2% or 0% final sale fee (SELLER+ accounts). It's always good to remember though, quality is better than quantity. Always upload your photos in as higher resolution as possible to allow your buyers to see your items clearly. All of these new exciting changes are just around the corner.

    We've had quite a few requests this month for a new top level category to be added to eBid. The category is for handmade goods. I'm glad to say we'll be adding this soon. Many thanks to everyone for their input on the subject.

    Selling Tips

    Competitive Pricing

    As you all know, eBid's pricing structure hasn't changed for over a decade. We keep it extremely fair and competitive to ensure you get to keep more of the money you make when you sell your stuff with us. Instead of paying 10% to 15% on other marketplace sites you will never pay more then 3% when using eBid, and of course this will only 2% or even 0% when you choose to upgrade to a SELLER+ account.

    Taking this into consideration there is always the option to lower your price point when selling on eBid. You are saving around 8 to 10 percent on the final sale fee with us so there's a great opportunity to make your pricing more competitive, increase your sales and at the same time still create a larger profit margin on the sales you make. Everyone's a winner

    Want to make a change? Don't forget you can do it in bulk

    The Bulk Edit facility allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your listings. Say, for example, you want to select a new payment method for all (or some) of your listings, Bulk Edit allows you to find specific listings, add them to a bucket and make wholesale changes to these listings. We'll be adding a new "wildcard" facility to our description editing function very soon also. Visit My eBid > My Bulk Edit to get started.

    Competition Time

    Last Month's Question :

    What is the Gross Listing Value of items for sale on eBid at the moment?

    a) $1 billion
    b) $2 billion
    c) over $3 billion

    The correct answer was (c) over $3 billion. Congratulations go to SupaSavers from Powys, UK for winning last month's competition, your eBid Goodie Bag and iPod should be with you now.

    Now for this month's question :

    What's the new maximum number of general photo's SELLER+ accounts will be able to upload to a single eBid listing very soon?

    a) 10
    b) 12
    c) 15

    To enter send us :
    Answer to the competition question
    Your eBid username
    Name and address for sending out any prizes
    Incomplete entries will be automatically deleted. Closing date 10th June 2017. Email answers to competitions@ebid.net
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