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  • Kids growing up?

    Make Money at eBid By Selling The Toys They Don't Want

    When your kids grow older you'll find those lovely toys which gave them so much enjoyment when they were little suddenly don't appeal to them. Your kids will start to find new interests and ditch the cute cuddly toys for computer games. When that happens you'll find that their old toys do little more than gather dust.

    You may not realise that instead of leaving those toys to gather dust, you could actually make a lot extra money by selling the toys they don't want at eBid.

    Even though your kids may no longer want to play with these toys, there are many kids who would love to play with them and many parents will be looking for an inexpensive way to buy them.

    What to do With Toys Your Kids Don't Want

    Most parents don't know what to do when their kids no longer want their toys, what they usually decide to do is box them up and leave them in the loft.

    Many parents who have adult children will admit that they have a load of boxes full of toys in their loft which simply haven't been opened in decades.

    It may seem like a good idea to keep hold of the toys, just in case you have more kids or your kids have kids, it actually isn't always the best plan. Could you imagine handing today's young kids the same toys you played with back in the 1980's? They wouldn't be too impressed!

    The best thing to do is sell the toys on to parents who are desperate to buy them for their kids. It is a much better idea than packing them up and hoping that you have children or grandchildren while the toys are still modern enough for them to play with!

    These parents will pay a fair price to get hold of the toys for cheaper than they would have to pay at a toy store. This deal works out great for both parties, you get a fair price for the toys and the buyer gets the toys for a cheaper price than they were happy to pay.

    Oh, and the child gets to enjoy playing with the toys they otherwise might never have owned!


    When your kids decide they don't like playing with their toys you might feel a little bit upset. You've enjoyed watching them play with the toys you brought them, but now they're moving on to games consoles and other past times. It's always a jarring experience to witness your kids growing up. But it can actually be a positive for you, other parents have children who would love to play with the toys you're just about to pack up and leave in the loft forever.

    If you've ever watched Toy Story 4, you'll know that toys are meant to be played with! So get the toys up for sale on eBid and pass the fun on to kids who will enjoy playing with them... oh, and pocket some cash for yourself as well!
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